Body cosmetic medicine

  • Cryolipolysis Fat Removal

    Cryolipolysis Fat Removal

    Non-invasive body treatment for fat and cellulite removal, without needles or injections and with an immediate recovery
  • Laser Hair Removal

    Laser Hair Removal

    With laser hair removal, we can say good-bye to body hair. It is a fast, safe treatment that harms neither pores nor other skin tissues.
  • Varicose veins

    Varicose veins

    With sclerotherapy, legs can be shown again with a natural, healthy appearance. This technique consists of injecting a gentle chemical solution in the affected vessel, making it disappear.
  • Prevention and Elimination of Stretch Marks

    Prevention and Elimination of Stretch Marks

    Stretch marks are no longer for ever. Today we dispose of new technologies based in light and fractionated radiofrequencies which allows us to give effective treatment.
  • Wart Removal

    Wart Removal

    Laser is probably one of the methods of removing skin imperfections that achieve best aesthetic results
  • Excessive sweating

    Excessive sweating

    Botulinum toxin is the only non-surgical alternative as it interrupts the hyperactivity of the sweat glands. This is an effective procedure that improves patients´ quality of life. Botulinum toxin is the only non-surgical alternative as it interrupts the
  • Tattoo Removal

    Tattoo Removal

    There is a technique that enables the ink injected into the skin to be simply and effectively blurred and removed: laser light.
  • Vaginal laxity

    Vaginal laxity

    An effective treatment to fight vaginal laxity and the dicrease of both sensitivity and satisfaction during sexual relations.
  • Excessive sweating. Hands

    Excessive sweating. Hands

    Excessive sweating is a condition in which a person sweats too much and unpredictably. There is a solution for the unconfortable, excessive sweating in hands.

Facial cosmetic medicine

  • Botulinum toxin

    Botulinum toxin

    It is a safe, simple, non-surgical technique. With botulinum toxin treatment, patients achieve a younger, relaxed, calm expression as well as flattened expression lines.
  • bodytite. Flaccidity

    bodytite. Flaccidity

    Facial and Body Rejuvenation by Radiofrequency-Assisted Liposuction
  • Morpheus. Facial and Body Flaccidity

    Morpheus. Facial and Body Flaccidity

    Non-surgical procedure based on fractional radiofrequency for the elimination of flaccidity and facial and body rejuvenation.
  • Radiofrequency - Thermage CPT

    Radiofrequency - Thermage CPT

    Radiofrequency is an effective treatment to fight the flaccidity of the facial area and neck, which rejuvenates the skin and stimulates the production of collagen.
  • Micropigmentation


    An expressive look, or attractive and well-defined lips, make us feel better about ourselves, more confident and attractive.
  • Tensor Threads and Mini Threads

    Tensor Threads and Mini Threads

    A revolutionary facial rejuvenation technique that stimulates internal tissues in order to bolster the skin and correct sagging.
  • Unifying the Skin with IPL

    Unifying the Skin with IPL

    A light source that fights aging of the skin, improving its tone and texture, as well as eliminating stains, redness, dilated pores and fine wrinkles.
  • Peeling


    Peeling reduces slight wrinkles and promotes rejuvenated and well hydrated skin, with a correct fat secretion, good consistency and luminosity.
  • Lip augmentation

    Lip augmentation

    For women, an area of great concern and attention is our lips. A beautiful smile with sensual and well-defined lips is essential to an attractive look.
  • Vascular Lesions and Varicose Veins

    Vascular Lesions and Varicose Veins

    A laser that effectively corrects vascular lesions such as congenital spots, visible veins, new stretch marks, warts, acne, burns and some scars.
  • Double chin removal

    Double chin removal

    Belkyra is an injectable substance used to reduce and potentially eliminate fat build-up under the chin, commonly known as "double chin".
  • Face sking resurfacing

    Face sking resurfacing

    V UP treatment combines boto and calcium hydroxyapatite infiltrations with laser treatment to achieve a smoother and younger face.
  • Removal of dark circles

    Removal of dark circles

    A nominal extraction of fat from the patients themselves enables efficient correction of bags under the eyes.
  • Dark Patches

    Dark Patches

    One of the latest applications of laser technology is to remove dark patches that can appear on face, hands, neck and neckline´s skin, often related to aging.
  • Filler Implants

    Filler Implants

    The facial filler has become an outstanding tool in recovering youth—by smoothing wrinkles, creating elasticity, and defining features.
  • Removal of facial fillers

    Removal of facial fillers

    The laser makes it possible to remove encapsulated, unsightly fillers. The filler material transforms into a liquid and can be removed by applying pressure.
  • Facial Skin Study and Diagnosis

    Facial Skin Study and Diagnosis

    Our specialist in Facial Cosmetic and Skin Study, will advise you and carry out an evaluation, diagnosis and propose a personalised integral facial plan.
  • Skin rehydration

    Skin rehydration

    Rehydration with intradermal injections help prevent aging, thus delaying the formation of wrinkles and restoring the skin´s hydration and elasticity.
  • Facial growth factors

    Facial growth factors

    A treatment of facial rejuvenation that, by means of plasma rich in growth factors, achieves to stimulate, potentiate and accelerate the tissues regeneration.
  • Facial mesoplasty

    Facial mesoplasty

    Mesoplasty is the optimum treatment for facial rejuvenation. Facial mesoplasty consists on the combination of several techniques so as to repair, hydrate and maintain a younger, smoother and natural look.
  • Catalysed phenol peeling

    Catalysed phenol peeling

    This treatment eliminates one or more layers of skin in a controlled way, while stimulating the formation of new skin, with fewer lines and dark patches.
  • Laser: Facial Rejuvenation

    Laser: Facial Rejuvenation

    Wrinkles treatment with laser is a new technique that allows removing mild to moderate wrinkles as well as improving the appearance of deeper ones.
  • Liquid Facelift

    Liquid Facelift

    Innovative technique based on injections which succeeds in replenishing volume, elevating tissues, removing wrinkles and moisturising and improving facial skin quality.
  • Facial Hidro-Regeneration

    Facial Hidro-Regeneration

    A new skin treatment based on a combination of several products, which restore the luminosity, freshness and youth to the expression of the face.

Cosmetic dermatology

  • Acne Treatment

    Acne Treatment

    New acne treatments have been introduced to solve this condition, such as chemical peels, dermabrasion and light therapy with excelent results.
  • Psoriasis


    A correct integrative treatment can effectively combat psoriasis, an autoimmune disease that affects 2% of the population
  • Treatment of Spots

    Treatment of Spots

    We have all the tools to eliminate stains and pigmentations, getting a younger, uniform and imperfections-free skin
  • Acne Scars

    Acne Scars

    The Planas clinic treatment starts with an exhaustive dermatological study to determine the type of scar and establish a treatment plan
  • Dark Patches prevention

    Dark Patches prevention

    Photodynamic rejuvenation therapy is a major advance in the treatment of skin aging. Not only does it improve the quality of the skin, it also treats precancerous lesions.
  • Sun damage prevention

    Sun damage prevention

    A correct diagnosis and combination of treatments will result in a luminous, healthy and rejuvenated skin
  • Pediatric Dermatology

    Pediatric Dermatology

    We offer specialized care for children and adolescents with any type of skin problem

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