Areola / Nipple Reduction Surgery


For some women, excessively large nipples can lead to a complex, and the fact of getting dressed may be a daily fight to hide their nipples.

Big nipples do not have to go together with large areolas. Large nipples are visible through clothes and can even cause pain or hypersensitivity to friction.

The solution is a minor surgical procedure under local anesthesia.

Surgery duration

1 hour








15 days




Nipple reduction surgery does not require more than one hour and it is carried out under local anesthesia. The length she wants is discussed with the patient. 

The scar is perfectly hidden at the base of the nipple and remains completely unnoticed, even naked.

Nipple reduction surgery can be combined with areola reduction surgery if needed. As there is no visible scar in the nipple reduction, the areola reduction leaves a scar around it.

Many women that come for a consultation about this surgery ask about how nipple reduction can affect baby breastfeeding. Women that undergo nipple reduction can breastfeed their babies normally. In very rarely cases breastfeeding is affected by the surgical procedure.


Results are highly satisfactory and patients who have undergone this surgery lose their fear to show this part of the body that had caused such a complex. 



The patient can return to her social-working life immediately, although she must take into account not to make strong physical efforts during the first days. And can go back to regular physical exercise approximately 10 days after surgery.

Expert opinion

Dr. Gabriel Planas

Dr. Gabriel Planas

For some women, excessively large nipples can be complex, the solution goes through a small surgical intervention with local anaesthesia.


Dr. Mike Dewever

Dr.  Mike Dewever

Diameters disproportionate to the size of the areola or breast can be surgically improved, thus solving the insecurity that it causes to women.


Dr. Ramón Tarragona

Dr.  Ramón Tarragona

Nipple and areola surgeries are usually part of other breast surgeries such as mastopexy, breast reduction, breast reconstruction or augmentation mammoplasty, although they can also be performed in isolation.


Dr. Pere Taverna

Dr.  Pere Taverna

The areola-nipple complex is located at the point of maximum projection of the breast, and its morphology and arrangement can alter the appearance of the breast. It is for all this the great aesthetic and psychological importance that it has in the whole of the breast.


Dra. Gemma Pons

Dra.  Gemma Pons

The maximum projection of a nipple is set at 1.2 cm. Projections higher than this figure or depending on the objective of the patient, can be reduced by various techniques,solving the discomfort that it causes..


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