Vaginal laxity


A new vaginal rejuvenation treatment to fight a common concern in women: Vaginal flaccidity, decrease of sensitivity and dissatisfaction during the sexual relation. 

Like your skin, vaginal tissue is made of collagen fibers. During childbirth, these tissues can be overstretched, damaging collagen, and creating a sense of flaccidity, especially around the vaginal opening.

This loss of tension leads to a decrease of sensitivity and dissatisfaction during the sexual relation.

We present a new treatment of monopolar radiofrequency, to combat a common concern in some women: Vaginal flaccidity. Although it may be a bit uncomfortable to treat, women´s sexual satisfaction is an important part of health and it is worthwhile to deal with such a significant issue.

  • Have you changed your sexual relationship after having children?  
  • Dou you feel your vagina is flaccid? 
  • Is it difficult to feel the penetration? 
  • It is difficult to obtain sexual satisfaction? 

The monopolar radiofrequency system is a treatment performed in the consultation that may increase the vagina sensitivity and improve sexual satisfaction. The Viveve procedure does not require any anesthesia, just a little or no rest at all, and lasts about 30 minutes.


At the beginning of the treatment, the doctor will insert a tip or head of a thumb size just behind the vaginal opening. This head will move in circles around the opening, emitting pulsed heating to collagen fibers, which are part of the subcutaneous tissues, at the same time that the surface cools. 

The vaginal tissue reacts to heat producing new collagen fibers in the tissue. This process happens throughout the following 30-90 days after the treatment, perhaps even more. These changes occur at a cellular level so there is no visible external sign in the vaginal tissue.

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