Abdominal Surgery


Fat accumulates more readily in the abdomen than in any other part of the body. In women, the stretching caused by pregnancy also separates the abdominal muscles, increasing deformity in this area. Having a "flat tummy" without stretch marks helps achieve a graceful feminine figure and is a sign of a fit body. The abdominal wall is made up basically of three elements: skin, subcutaneous cell tissue with underlying fat and the muscle layer. Distortion in any of these three elements, alone or in combination, leads to greater or lesser deformity and therefore requires more or less complex treatment.

Surgery duration

3 hours


2 days


15 days




1 month




The most frequent surgical procedures are abdominal dermolipectomy and liposuction. Liposuction is used when there is an accumulation of fat between the skin and the muscle layer. Abdominal dermolipectomy also allows the correction of weaknesses in the abdominal muscles and the removal of excess skin. The choice of procedure does not depend exclusively on the wishes of the patient. Each technique has its recommended uses, advantages and drawbacks, which the patient should be aware of, understand, weigh up and accept.


Hospitalisation usually lasts from 24 to 48 hours, depending on the used anaesthesia and the extension of the operation.


Both kinds of operations are carried out under general or epidural anesthesia


An abdominal dermolipectomy involves a series of added benefits, as it also narrows the waist and firms the upper third of the thighs. The residual scar in all cases can be hidden by underwear or swimwear. 



In the pre-operative study, the surgeon will evaluate and advise the patient on the final length of the scar, which will depend on how firm the skin is, the amount of excessive abdominal fat and the state of the muscles.


If the abdominal musculature has been repaired, it is advisable not to make any physical effort for six weeks after the operation. In general, using a gentle compression garment for some weeks will increase the sensation of comfort and avoid soreness.

Expert opinion

Dr. Jorge Planas

Dr. Jorge Planas

This surgery allows removing the skin and fat excess, leaving a smooth and firm belly. In this way, the waist recovers its slenderness, and the muscles of the abdominal area their strengthening. In most of the cases I know, patients have had also very long-lasting results, since they have followed an appropriate way of living, with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Abdominoplasty helps to regain a flat stomach and to outline the body contour, in a way the patient feels better with her new look.

Curriculum Blog

Dr. Gabriel Planas

Dr. Gabriel Planas

The residual scar after an abdominoplasty is always perfectly hidden under the underwear or swimwear. After surgery it is recommended to rest for two weeks and to wear a binder garment around the belly for about a month. The patient can go back to normal activities two weeks later and will be able to start doing physical exercise gradually after the first month.


Dr. Carlos del Cacho

Dr. Carlos del Cacho

Abdominoplasty is specially indicated for women who, after several pregnancies and despite keeping a good general muscle tone and a proper weight, have a lack of elasticity in the abdominal muscles and skin. Thus, abdominal surgery will help them to recover a "flat belly" and to outline their body silhouette.


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