• Bunions


    Pretty and healthy feet are a symbol of beauty. Bunions can be taken care of painlessly, without scarring and without being admitted into hospital.
  • Morton´s Neuroma

    Morton´s Neuroma

    The new technique allows for an Endoscopic Intermetatarsal Ligament Decompression, which alleviates the trapped nerve and consequently the pain.
  • Hammer Toe

    Hammer Toe

    We carry out a percutaneous technique, with no internal attachment, guaranteeing a quick and effective correction without leaving scars.
  • Tailor´s Bunion

    Tailor´s Bunion

    With the technique used at Clinica Planas, as well as eliminating the bony lump, we realign your toe, whilst restoring shape and correcting foot movement.
  • Toe shortening

    Toe shortening

    In order to offer the best results, we have at our disposal a new surgical technique which unites both open surgical with percutaneous surgical techniques.
  • Toe elongation

    Toe elongation

    The reconstruction of the toes is an operation aimed at lengthening the toes and restoring the foot\'s shape and function, in addition to giving it a more harmonious appearance.
  • Metatarsalgia


    We eliminate pain located in the ball of the foot through a short five-minute surgery, painlessly and without any surgical incisions.
  • Growth Factors

    Growth Factors

    Platelet-rich plasma is used to reduce pain and speed up wound healing time which reduce rehabilitation time.

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