Sun damage prevention


Skin aging is due to 2 factors: genetic or biological (chronoaging) and environmental; but the sun exposure (photoaging) is the most important cause followed by tobacco, pollution exposure, endocrine disrupters found in cosmetics and pesticides, unhealthy diet, stress, medication intake, etc.

Today, science says that it is necessary to keep the whole body systems working harmoniously in order to be healthy, since there is an interrelationship among them. To follow healthy habits will help to control the optimal levels of enzymes, neurotransmitters, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids, carbohydrates and cells of the immune system.

Skin aging shows with the onset of:

-    Wrinkles
-    Skin spots
-    Skin flaccidity due to the decrease of collagen and elastin fibres.
-    Alterations in the texture of the skin: thickened, coarse or thin and atrophic.
-    Precancerous changes, such as actinic keratosis.
-    Skin cancer: squamous carcinoma and malignant melanoma.


It is important to make a correct diagnosis so as to choose the suitable treatment or combination of treatments en each case.

For this reason, an exhaustive medical history (with assessment of exposure to endocrine disruptors, heavy metals, and stressors, dietary and hormonal factors) will be necessary, as well as a physical examination including dermoscopy and Wood’s lamp in order to discard suspicious lesions. And also a blood test to assess the levels of systemic inflammation or oxidative stress, etc. In most of the cases, visible lesions are only the “tip of the iceberg” of the existing subclinical ones, which finally may show, if not treated.

The treatments offered include:

Changes in lifestyle

Nutritional plan

Physical exercise plan

Personalized supplementation

Prevention and treatment of skin aging:   

•    Personalized topical treatments for each type of skin, with antioxidants, and specific active substances for each condition
•    Chemical peelings for acne, depigmentation, skin rejuvenation and antioxidants
•    Low-level light therapy
•    Photodynamic therapy
•    Prevention and treatment of skin cancer
•    Laser (protocol with the Laser Department)
•    Infiltrations with hyaluronic acid
•    Infiltrations of botulinum toxin
•    Infiltrations of vitamins and organic silicon, platelet-rich plasma


The correct combination of treatments will lead to a brighter, healthy and rejuvenated skin.

The preventive treatment with low-level light therapy will decrease the risk of skin pigmentations after sun exposure.

Expert opinion

Dra. Christina Schepers

Dra. Christina Schepers

Aging is reflected in the skin when spots, wrinkles, changes in its texture, and flaccidity appear. In addition, precancerous lesions may co-exist. A global treatment that combines Botox, hyaluronic acid infiltrations, chemical peelings, antioxidant treatments, low intensity light therapy and dynamic photo therapy will be an effective anti-aging treatment.


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