• Botulinum toxin

    Botulinum toxin

    It is a safe, simple, non-surgical technique. With botulinum toxin treatment, patients achieve a younger, relaxed, calm expression as well as flattened expression lines.
  • bodytite. Flaccidity

    bodytite. Flaccidity

    Facial and Body Rejuvenation by Radiofrequency-Assisted Liposuction
  • Morpheus. Facial and Body Flaccidity

    Morpheus. Facial and Body Flaccidity

    Non-surgical procedure based on fractional radiofrequency for the elimination of flaccidity and facial and body rejuvenation.
  • Radiofrequency - Thermage CPT

    Radiofrequency - Thermage CPT

    Radiofrequency is an effective treatment to fight the flaccidity of the facial area and neck, which rejuvenates the skin and stimulates the production of collagen.
  • Micropigmentation


    An expressive look, or attractive and well-defined lips, make us feel better about ourselves, more confident and attractive.
  • Tensor Threads and Mini Threads

    Tensor Threads and Mini Threads

    A revolutionary facial rejuvenation technique that stimulates internal tissues in order to bolster the skin and correct sagging.
  • Unifying the Skin with IPL

    Unifying the Skin with IPL

    A light source that fights aging of the skin, improving its tone and texture, as well as eliminating stains, redness, dilated pores and fine wrinkles.
  • Peeling


    Peeling reduces slight wrinkles and promotes rejuvenated and well hydrated skin, with a correct fat secretion, good consistency and luminosity.
  • Lip augmentation

    Lip augmentation

    For women, an area of great concern and attention is our lips. A beautiful smile with sensual and well-defined lips is essential to an attractive look.
  • Vascular Lesions and Varicose Veins

    Vascular Lesions and Varicose Veins

    A laser that effectively corrects vascular lesions such as congenital spots, visible veins, new stretch marks, warts, acne, burns and some scars.
  • Double chin removal

    Double chin removal

    Belkyra is an injectable substance used to reduce and potentially eliminate fat build-up under the chin, commonly known as "double chin".
  • Face sking resurfacing

    Face sking resurfacing

    V UP treatment combines boto and calcium hydroxyapatite infiltrations with laser treatment to achieve a smoother and younger face.
  • Removal of dark circles

    Removal of dark circles

    A nominal extraction of fat from the patients themselves enables efficient correction of bags under the eyes.
  • Dark Patches

    Dark Patches

    One of the latest applications of laser technology is to remove dark patches that can appear on face, hands, neck and neckline´s skin, often related to aging.
  • Filler Implants

    Filler Implants

    The facial filler has become an outstanding tool in recovering youth—by smoothing wrinkles, creating elasticity, and defining features.
  • Removal of facial fillers

    Removal of facial fillers

    The laser makes it possible to remove encapsulated, unsightly fillers. The filler material transforms into a liquid and can be removed by applying pressure.
  • Facial Skin Study and Diagnosis

    Facial Skin Study and Diagnosis

    Our specialist in Facial Cosmetic and Skin Study, will advise you and carry out an evaluation, diagnosis and propose a personalised integral facial plan.
  • Skin rehydration

    Skin rehydration

    Rehydration with intradermal injections help prevent aging, thus delaying the formation of wrinkles and restoring the skin´s hydration and elasticity.
  • Facial growth factors

    Facial growth factors

    A treatment of facial rejuvenation that, by means of plasma rich in growth factors, achieves to stimulate, potentiate and accelerate the tissues regeneration.
  • Facial mesoplasty

    Facial mesoplasty

    Mesoplasty is the optimum treatment for facial rejuvenation. Facial mesoplasty consists on the combination of several techniques so as to repair, hydrate and maintain a younger, smoother and natural look.
  • Catalysed phenol peeling

    Catalysed phenol peeling

    This treatment eliminates one or more layers of skin in a controlled way, while stimulating the formation of new skin, with fewer lines and dark patches.
  • Laser: Facial Rejuvenation

    Laser: Facial Rejuvenation

    Wrinkles treatment with laser is a new technique that allows removing mild to moderate wrinkles as well as improving the appearance of deeper ones.
  • Liquid Facelift

    Liquid Facelift

    Innovative technique based on injections which succeeds in replenishing volume, elevating tissues, removing wrinkles and moisturising and improving facial skin quality.
  • Facial Hidro-Regeneration

    Facial Hidro-Regeneration

    A new skin treatment based on a combination of several products, which restore the luminosity, freshness and youth to the expression of the face.

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