Tensor Threads and Mini Threads


Facial sagging is one of the problems that most concern men and women, looking for a well defined face with no signs of the passing of time. In order to answer to this growing demand, Clínica Planas has incorporated the treatment of magical threads to its services of aesthetic medicine.

It is a revolutionary technique of skin rejuvenation that stimulates internal tissues to tighten skin and correct sagging. The mini threads are located at a subcutaneous level to induce the collagen and fibroblasts formation in order to stretch and redensify the skin.

Surgery duration

30 minutes


It is not required


1 week








After deciding the facial areas to be treated, the specialist introduces the mini tightening threads under the dermis in only 30 minutes. The technique is completely personalized for each patient depending on the age, physiognomy and degree of sagging; however between 10 and 20 threads are usually inserted in a standard session. The procedure is easy, quick and painless. Once the threads are placed, they are anchored in the tissue thanks to a few small spicules producing a small tissue lesion that causes the formation of supporting tissue made of fibroblasts and collagen.

Magical threads have their origin in Japan and have been used as a cardiovascular suture material for a long time, so there is evidence that they do not cause any rejection or allergies since they are antimicrobial and bio-absorbable. The material thread is polydioxanone and is reabsorbed at 6 months. However, the effect created with the formation of new tissue made of collagen and fibroblasts can last between 12 and 18 months.

The results are natural and progressive. It is easy to see the results at the third week, though it is not up to third month when the treatment reaches its peak.

Spring Threads for more durability

For those cases with severe sagging and for patients who do not want to undergo a facelift surgery, there is another type of thread lift, called Spring Threads.

These threads made of silicone are elastic, have an easy placement and do not require any anchoring or attachment point. 4 threads are usually introduced to restructure the face contour and the treatment is carried out under local anesthesia. Recovery varies between 5 and 15 days (always depending on the patient’s characteristics) although correction is allowed during the 8 days after their placement.

The results are spectacular and last up to 1 year.


It is the perfect treatment for those candidates with more severe facial sagging that need lifting and facial tissue/neck repositioning, but who are not candidates for a surgical lifting yet. Threads are anchored in the tissue and repositioned by traction, giving to the face a more youthful appearance.

The procedure consists of placing some suture threads, thicker than the mini-threads, with spicules, which allow tissue anchorage and facial re-tightening.

It is a painless treatment that is carried out in 30 minutes under local anaesthesia.

Threads are inserted with a microcannula so as to work in a safer way, and once the desired thread tension is controlled, the thread ends are cut.

The most often treated areas with more satisfactory results are facial oval and neck.

Discrete swelling and slight bruising may occur and can be hidden immediately with makeup; however they vanish a few days later. It is usual that some skin fold appears in the treated area, but it disappears after a few days. The effect is perceived immediately but the final result is obtained three or four weeks later, the necessary time to have the tissues finally re-adapted.

It is a minor procedure compared to the full face-lift, but enough if the patient expectations meet the results achieved.

Results have a variable duration but it is recommended to repeat the procedure 12-18 months later.


A previous cleaning and disinfection of the area is carried out before the treatment.


- It is better not to make up the first week after the treatment.
- Manipulate the area carefully when washing and moisturizing it.
- It is recommended not to perform any physical activity during the first week.
- Do not massage strongly the treated area up to 30 days after the procedure.
- Avoid sun exposure during the first 15 days.

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