Face lifting


Aging is the natural result of the passing of time, but these consequences, together with prolonged exposure to sun or day-to-day stress, become particularly apparent on the face and neck, leading to lines and wrinkles that make the facial expression less well-defined. All these effects can be improved with a facelift. A facelift does not take years off a patient but helps to improve his/her appearance, restoring the skin´s original tone and the highlights and facial contours, providing a rejuvenating and revitalizing effect which time had erased. There are many techniques to treat facial aging. The surgeon will suggest which kind is the most advisable in each case. 

Surgery duration

3 - 5 horus


1 - 2 days


15 - 30 days


2 days


15 days




The surgical procedure varies depending on the areas the patient wishes to improve, the emphasis on the most affected zones, the location and extent of the incisions and the implementation of complementary techniques. 

A facelift is carried out in a single operation. The technique consists of repositioning the layers of muscle, skin and fat, removing excess tissue by means of an incision that usually starts in the forehead area (above the hairline), extends along the natural lines existing in the ear and continues around the lobe, behind the ear and the scalp. In this way, the scars are perfectly camouflaged. When special treatment is required on the neck, an incision must be made just below the chin.


Hospitalisation usually lasts from 24 to 48 hours, depending on the used anaesthesia and the extension of the operation.


A facelift can be done under local anesthesia and sedation but in those patients requiring special treatment in the neck area, general anesthesia may be recommended.


As with other operations, a prior medical examination is vital to determine any possible anomaly that may undermine the operation.

The plastic surgeon will explain the steps to be followed. During the first consultation, the surgeon will assess the patient´s facial structure and the quality of his/her skin, as well as his/her general state of health. The surgeon will also ask him/her about what he/she hopes to achieve with the operation and will advise the patient of all the relevant details of the operation.


Expert opinion

Dr. Gabriel Planas

Dr. Gabriel Planas

The main objective of this surgery is to correct sagging of skin and muscles caused by age; and to return light and texture to the patient as in his/her youth.


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