Lip augmentation


Age also reveals problems affecting the aesthetic harmony of the face such as the loss of volume in the lips. 

Lip augmentation or increase of lips volume is one of the aesthetic medicine treatments more performed at Clínica Planas.

Hyaluronic acid is the leading product we use as dermal filler due to its ability to retain liquid and attract water, besides stimulating the collagen production. It is a resorbable filling product, that is, non-definitive or permanent product that lasts for approximately 12 months.

At Clínica Planas we perform a study of your lips profile, and depending on your preferences, tastes and your facial structure, we (together with the doctor) can decide the treatment: only to redefine your lips contour, or to increase the volume. And, if necessary, to correct the vertical wrinkles and the ones of the corners of the lips as well so as to improve the face overall appearance.

The procedure consists of the injection of small amounts of the product in the area to be treated. It is carried out under local topical anesthesia and does not require hospitalization. Application is carried out in a subtle and gradual way, prioritizing the natural lip in order to assess prudential results, so that a second session or touch-up can be performed a few days later, if necessary.

Although the results can be seen immediately, a mild inflammation is usually observed in the area the day of the treatment, but it disappears during the next few hours.

Surgery duration

10 minuts


It is not required


1 week








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