Facial Skin Study and Diagnosis


The face is the mirror of the soul, and as such it must be lightened. The target of the new Skin Science Center is to repair a mature skin, to keep the beauty of a young skin and to evaluate which areas are to be treated to improve the skin of the face. A comprehensive personalized facial treatment based on an infallible diagnosis.

Nowadays not only does age spur people on to undergo an anti-aging treatment, but also young people, conscious of the value of a healthy, elastic and uniform skin, look for prevention and maintenance treatments, instead of repair treatments. Before only patients with deep wrinkles and willing to get rid of them came to consultation. Today young people on their 30s want to keep on looking the same as time passes by. Moreover, we find a type of patient, who does not really know what to correct, but willing to improve in general.

To respond to this variety of demands we have created the Skin Science Center. In this area we evaluate, diagnose and treat the face, valuing not only the condition of the skin (sun damage, expression lines, bacterial activity, ph, possible acne…), but also the facial structures (cheek volume, gravitational wrinkles such as the nose to mouth lines…).

Surgery duration

20 minuts


It is not required




It is not required






In order to provide a complete and successful treatment, the Skin Science Center groups together specialists able to heal all kind of skin and facial problems: dermatologists; aesthetic practitioners; laser, mesoplasty, botulinum toxin specialists; aesthetic and plastic surgeons, etc. 

All of them coordinated with unified criteria elaborate a working plan with one unique aim: to achieve a successful diagnose and treatment. They also count with state-of-the-art equipment that helps them to evaluate the condition of the skin in an objective manner. This is the case of IOMA, an image system that completely evaluates the patient’s skin with a number of parameters.

The patient just place the chin on this new machine to get in seconds a complete analysis of his/her face via a quantitative(not qualitative) diagnose of the skin condition. IOMA software makes a picture of the face, scan it and increase the picture up to 50 times its normal size, so pathologies (acne and reddish areas), wrinkles, spots, pores, etc. are visible. This system also evaluates the intensity of each lesion from 1 to 10.

This equipment evaluates dynamic (forehead and eyes), gravitational (the nose to mouth line) expression lines, pigmental alterations (melanin deposits), vascular pathological changes, pores dilatation and sebaceous content and bacterial activity. With this system, not only does the patient have a proof of his/her lesion and its later improvement (the data base records the previous and after treatment test), but also the practitioner can make a more objective surveillance of the improvement.

Summing up, both diagnose and results are measurable. After the physical consultation with the specialist of the Center and the technological test with the IOMA system, the whole department of Skin Science Center works in a collaborative plan. Specialists from the departments of dermatology, aesthetic medicine, facial volume restoration and mesoplasty, botulinum toxin, etc. group together to offer a strategy to achieve the improvement of the patient’s face through different treatments, adopted to the patient’s age and characteristics. A whole group of experts to strive the passing of time and to return the bright and youth to the face.

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