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Being overweight or obese is a situation that can negatively affect our health in terms of the associated complications.

Clínica Planas has a specialist department for treating overweight and obese patients, as well as the illnesses caused by excess weight. Our department brings together a group of specialists who will achieve a reduction in body weight and improvement of the associated conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pain and lack of energy, which in turn improves quality of life and life expectancy.

Treatment through comprehensive control of weight loss under medical supervision

Before carrying out weight loss treatment, the body composition and specific dietary requirements of each individual must be taken into account. This is the only method for achieving long-lasting results without damaging health.

For this purpose, a preliminary extensive physical examination has to be carried out by means of anthropometry, which allows us to develop a personalised plan for each person. The fact that excess weight and obesity are problems that are best treated comprehensively by a specialist and always according to individual requirements must be taken into account, because each person has and maintains their own personal, social and morphological circumstances.

The objective focuses on creating correct eating habits, which, in turn, meet our specific and individual needs.

Personalised Treatment

In addition to being balanced, healthy and varied, diet should also be personalised and designed to be nutritious and rich in the foods bodies need, in the appropriate quantities and portions. The objective is to learn how to eat in a way that is healthy and sensible, and to introduce physical exercise into our behavioural habits progressively and in moderation.



The amount of calories required by each person and what is digested first and used immediately (fats, carbohydrates or proteins) is a function of a part of our cells called mitochondria.

By studying energy metabolism while resting and during physical exercise, we can assess the capacity of the mitochondria to produce energy, as well as the type of nutrients used (fats, carbohydrates, etc.).

Using Dr. Ibáñez´s Metabolic Method, it is possible to understand what is the optimum diet for each individual in a completely scientific way, as well as what type of exercise and intensity is optimal for weight loss, cardiometabolic conditions, anti-ageing and the immune system. By doing so, quality of life and life expectancy are increased.

“The study of the body´s basal metabolic rate allows a person´s optimum diet to be identified”

Metabolic study while resting and during exercise is the only technology that allows a programme of diet and physical exercise required by each person to be developed carefully and safely. This programme or treatment is called “Mitochondrial Metabolic Therapy”. Its aim is to improve the patient´s standard of health, with no side effects, since it is an entirely physical process without the use of drugs. Physical exercise is an essential support for the programme.

Metabolic study while resting is the only technology that allows us to know which foods cause more or less weight gain in each person. The test involves a 3-hour fast. The patient must lie face up on a treatment table, breathing through a mask, which is connected through a tube to a device that analyses gasses. The technology uses indirect calorimetry and assesses the body´s formation of heat, also identifying where burned calories come from, i.e., whether they come from fats, proteins or carbohydrates.

It is a completely painless and harmless technique whereby the patient simply has to relax for approximately 20 minutes and breathe calmly into the mask.


Body Treatments under Medical Supervision

The doctor will develop a personalised diet plan, addressing the characteristics of each individual, which can be combined with medical body treatments, as well as with physical exercise.


Medical Electrostimulation and Ultrasounds of various strengths and frequencies are techniques that encourage the stimulation of the venous and lymphatic systems, helping to reduce cellulite and activate fatty tissue to increase its energy consumption. They are also beneficial for postoperative recovery following procedures, such as liposuction.

Medical Pressotherapy

Pressotherapy is indicated for treating venous insufficiency disorders, varicose veins, cellulite, obesity, oedemas or lymphoedema and other conditions.

The treatment consists of positioning a pair of “boots” over your legs up to your mid-waist and inflating these in stages, achieving an improvement in the body´s detoxification process through the venous and lymphatic systems, and, at the same time, stimulating and toning the musculoskeletal system.

Corporal Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency is indicated for treatment of cellulite and flab.

Under the effect of heat, the cutaneous tissue and skin immediately become tighter, which stimulates collagen synthesis.

LPG Cellu M6 Endermologie

The only non-invasive technique for mechanical stimulation of the skin, which allows the metabolism of cells to be reactivated naturally.

LPG is a technique used to remove accumulated fat in certain areas of the body (abdomen, thighs, buttocks) and all the most stubborn fatty tissues, especially cellulite, both soft and hard.

Elimination of Localised Fat

When we look in the mirror, we see localised fat, normally in the abdominal region. Getting rid of this is a daily battle.

The question that most people ask is whether it is impossible to eliminate localised abdominal fat.

The answer is clear: of course not, but it is also not very easy to do.

Localised fat in the abdominal region requires a multifactorial process. We have to watch what we eat, develop a personalised plan for specific localised treatment using medical equipment and, of course, carry out a series of physical exercises, which help us to achieve our end goal.

Let us help you by completing a comprehensive study of your body composition. We will work together to achieve your aim.

This treatment involves the use of ultrasounds on the localised fat, which destroys the fat cells and encourages weight loss. It is an ideal treatment for reducing your silhouette and treating fat accumulation in certain areas of the body without having to undergo surgery.

HUBER 360 Platform

Intelligent technology
ideal for shaping and toning the silhouette naturally, quickly and efficiently.


Yes, it is possible as long as the patient adopts new healthy habits, which meet their nutritional needs. 

No. In this respect, it is important to differentiate between weight, localised fat and cellulite. With nutritional treatment, the objective focuses on losing weight and learning how to eat, according to each patient´s characteristics. In fact, cellulite is not related to excess weight. For this reason, the specialist should be the one to select the appropriate treatment for cellulite according to each patient´s specific case. 

Expert opinion

Dra. Marta Grau

Dra. Marta Grau

We have the new Metabolic Method at Rest that allows us to know which foods make each person fatter, and determine the body energy consumption; so that we can optimize the feeding in a personalized way. This technology is essential to design an optimal and effective diet for weight loss and to prevent cardiometabolic diseases.


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