Prevention and Elimination of Stretch Marks


Stretch marks can appear when there is rapid stretching of the skin and often its associated with the enlarged abdomen during pregnancy. It can also occur in children who have gained weight very quickly or during puberty, at which time the growth rate skyrockets. The most common location of stretch marks is in the breasts, hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen and sides. 

Stretch marks appear as parallel lines of red, shiny, thin skin that over time become whitish and of scar appearance. Stretch marks may be slightly deeper and have a different texture than normal skin.

From a physiological point of view, stretch marks are caused by stretching of the middle and inner layers of the skin due to pregnancy, puberty and rapid growth, also by increasing or sudden weight loss or bodybuilding. When there is a break of the fibers of collagen and elastin, the skin is weakened and becomes susceptible to chronic scarring like an old elastic band, they tend to lose their elasticity. Many dermatologists believe that hormones may also play a role in affecting the ability of the skin to cope with the sudden and prolonged stretch.

They can also occur as a result of abnormal collagen formation or as a result of medications or chemicals that interfere with its formation. Likewise, they may be associated with prolonged use of cortisone compounds, diabetes, Cushing\\'s disease and the pregnancy period.

Prevention is always better, instead of applying remedies to try and make less visible the effects of stretch marks on skin. Therefore we must attack the problem with much seriousness before the effects manifest themselves. The procedure is simple: keep appropriate weight, skin must be well hydrated to conserve elasticity, and incorporate physical exercises to our daily routine to maintain muscle tone.

Even if the panorama, at the beginning, may look discouraging, today stretch mark are no longer forever. Today we dispose of new technologies based in light and fractionated radiofrequencies which allows us to give effective treatment, simple, long lasting and without significant secondary effects, without downtime, can continue with social activities and work required.

Surgery duration

15-60 minutes


15 days


It is not required


It is not required


3-4 weeks




With the new techniques of fractionated radiofrequencies offered by Clinica Planas, in only 2 or 3 sessions of treatment between 10 and 15 minutes duration, and with an interval between them of 6 to 8 weeks, the results are very satisfactory. Stretch marks clarify between 50% and 70% in the abdomen and in areas more conflicting like hips, buttocks, or the internal part of the thighs. 

The treated zone will have a slightly dark tone, which will disappear in 4 to 5 days. The only postoperative care required is hydration of the zone and avoid exposing to the sun during a week.

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