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Approved by the FDA and Health Canada, Belkyra is a safe injectable substance used to reduce and potentially remove fat below the chin.

Submental fullness, or double chin, is an undesired excess build-up of fat under the chin. It can take the appearance of a double, triple or even quadruple chin. Often difficult to get rid of, double chins are not always connected to one´s weight or lifestyle. They can often make someone appear dishevelled and older than their age.

Surgery duration

10 minutes


It is not required


1 week




2 months




It involves a non-invasive injection procedure designed to reduce double chin.

Approved by the FDA and Health Canada, Belkyra is an injectable liquid inserted gently into the fat below the chin, using a process similar to the Restylane and Juvederm fillers.

Over time and with only a small amount of injections, as well as no need for surgery, patients will begin to see a reduction in, or even the complete removal of, the undesired fat. A local numbing cream can be used to ease discomfort throughout the course of treatment.

Although each patient is different, as a general rule, more than one session of injections will be needed. Sessions will take place a month apart to allow for the fat build-up to decrease. Normally, between one and three 30-minute sessions will be sufficient.


The effect of the treatment is permanent, as the fat within the area is completely removed by way of a process called “adipolysis”. 

The result is a visible and significant improvement on double chin. In the most successful of cases, the fat is removed altogether.


A local numbing cream can be used to ease discomfort throughout the course of treatment.


The majority of patients are able to return to routine tasks immediately. Some cases can result in mild bruising within the injection area, which can be concealed with make-up. There may also be mild swelling, which can last 24-48 hours. Following application of the treatment, patients may experience a burning sensation in the affected area, for a couple of hours.

Patients can return to routine activities immediately. Patients can also return to activities such as sedentary work and low-impact exercise immediately after the treatment.


Belkyra is a non-animal, non-human synthetic chemical that can be found in smaller quantities inside the human body. The substance impacts upon the cell membrane of the adipocyte, safely and effectively breaking up the fat and, subsequently, releasing its contents.

The chemical composition of the Belkyra injection is deoxycholic acid, which has been used as an injectable fat reduction compound for over 15 years.

Belkyra injections break down the cell membrane of the adipocyte cells that cause double chin. When the cell membrane of the fat cell is broken, the contents of the fat cell, glycerol, and free fatty acids leak out into the surrounding subcutaneous space. The contents that leak out are harmless and the body has a huge capacity for naturally removing free fatty acids and glycerol in a safe and effective manner. The fat is metabolised and removed via the liver and kidneys.

Expert opinion

Dr. Jorge Planas

Dr. Jorge Planas

It is a new and effective treatment, alternative to surgery, which is performed in an outpatient consultation, to eliminate the excess of accumulated and unwanted fat under the chin.

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