Oncological micropigmentation


Today micropigmentation has evolved and is not only capable of embellishing facial features, highlighting appearance, populating eyebrows or defining lips, but it can also camouflage scars or create complete areolas following breast reconstruction interventions.

Micropigmentation techniques may be very helpful for women who have had to undergo chemotherapy, since it can simulate eyebrow hairs and eyelashes, which fall out during chemotherapy sessions.

One of the concerns faced by women undergoing chemotherapy is hair loss, and loss of hair from the eyebrows and eyelashes. This also affects their ability to lead a completely normal social life, go to the pool, to the beach, to the gym, or scrub their face without fear of deleting the pencil strokes. Micropigmentation is a great ally in this situation. Its application allows the low or non-existent presence of hair in eyebrows and eyelashes to go unnoticed. It is surprising to see how, through the hair-by-hair technique, it is possible in many cases to achieve eyebrows that are more beautiful than the natural ones themselves.

Bald eyebrows can be replaced by shading around the eye making your appearance more vivid.

Please note that this technique is contraindicated during chemotherapy treatment, so it is best carried out beforehand.

Surgery duration

1-2 hours


Not needed


24 hours


Not required






Micropigmentation is a technique derived from tattooing which involves inserting pigment under the skin using a dermograph. Two or three applications are necessary to achieve an optimal result. In order for it to be applied three steps must be followed: the patient’s face is examined, a drawing is made in the area to be treated seeking the most appropriate shape and position for each case, and, following that, micropigmentation is carried out.

Micropigmentation for eyebrows and eyelashes

Micropigmentated eyebrows will replace the originals, an almost realistic appearance being the end result. It is important to tattoo right behind the hairs so as not to create a double eyebrow appearance when they regrow. The pigment chosen is always a shade lighter than that of the natural eyebrows.

In the case of eyelash loss, it should also be borne in mind that it is temporary. Thus, we will create using microdots, shading in the area in order to provide a natural look. We will never draw the tiny eyelashes themselves, since, when the eyelashes regrow later on, it would look strange.

Semi-permanent make-up of the eyelids will be carried out using local anaesthesia to minimise discomfort during treatment.

Micropigmentation of the areola following breast reconstruction

The areola will be drawn at the end of the reconstructive surgery when the surgeon has placed the nipple. The most important thing when it comes to this treatment is the choice of colour, since it has to resemble as closely as possible the hue of the remaining areola. This is not the case for bilateral breast reconstructions, here the patient can choose the colour best suited to their skin tone. Since the areola treatment is painless, it is unnecessary to use any type of anaesthesia.

For this type of treatment, it is important to arrange your visit with an experienced specialist in this field, since these are very particular cases which in untrained hands could have undesirable outcomes. 

Semi-permanent make-up lasts one to five years, depending on each patient's skin. It can be refreshed whenever the drawing has lost its intensity and colour


For cases involving the micropigmentation of eyebrows and eyelashes, the treatment to be followed by the patient at home, would be the application of an ointment for one week.

In the case of the areolas an ointment also needs to be applied for one week, but the area must be protected with a gauze.

In every case it should taken into account that you are advised not to sunbathe, immerse yourself in water, have a sauna or Turkish bath, use make-up on the area, or use other products that have not been recommended by your specialist.


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