Colon Hydrotherapy


What is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is a technique that consists of a full colon cleansing with previously filtered and purified water.

Enemas in medicine are very old. They were already used by Egyptians and Romans, and remained during the Middle Ages and the Modern Period, mainly in the XVIII century, when they were the basis of therapeutics together with purgatives and bloodletting.

In the XXth century, a new approach is given by the works of Khune and Rosendorf, as well as Dr. Kousmine. Modern hydrocolonotherapy arises in the United States, and it is applied in Europe soon, especially in Germany, Great Britain and Spain.

Why is colon hydrotherapy necessary?

Bad eating habits and the current way of life make the large intestine to suffer, and cause many diseases, which worsen our quality of life.

The non-digested food goes from the small intestine into the large one. This debris should be evacuated usually twice a day without effort when the intestine is healthy; and the stool should have a good consistency.

When the food is kept during weeks and months in the intestine, it gets rotted and ferments. The debris sticks on the colon wall and the organism accumulates high amounts of toxins and develops pathogens, which originate many diseases and a premature ageing.

Colon hydrotherapy is an excellent option that helps to restore the health of the digestive system and improves the quality of life, in front of:

  • Sedentary life. 
  • Antibiotic, corticoid, drugs, anti-inflammatory and contraceptive abuse, which alter the intestinal flora balance. 
  • Laxative abuse that causes decrease of the intestinal motility, and intestinal dysbiosis. 
  • Excess of mucus and toxins that cause allergies. 


What a colon hydrotherapy session involves?

Colon hydrotherapy is an innovative painless technique of intestinal cleansing, which consists of a deep flushing of the whole large intestine with filtered water. It is carried out with modern equipment that uses a two-circuit speculum that allows the entry of pure water and the exit of water and waste through the rectum.


Which are the benefits of colon hydrotherapy?

When the accumulated faecal mass is eliminated, there is a deep detoxification that revitalizes the organism:

  • 80% of the body’s defences are in the mucus of the small and large intestine. Cleaning the intestinal lymph nodes stimulates the immune system, detoxifies and decreases the allergic process. 
  • Restores the intestinal peristalsis, especially in those with hypotonic colon. 
  • Eliminates possible parasites and destroys mycoses. 
  • Dissolution of adherences caused by chronic inflammatory processes. 
  • Anti-inflammatory effect. 
  • Gases removal. 
  • Removal of foreign bodies swallowed by mistake, and undigested food. 
  • Increase of vitality. 
  • Higher resistance to fatigue. 
  • Improvement of the deposit of calcium in bones and joints. 
  • Improvement of the mood and sleep disorders.


The first time the treatment is carried out, it is recommended 3 sessions (1 /week).

The subsequent number of sessions and the frequency of irrigations are variable. This depends on the person’s condition, the pathology to be treated, etc. It is usually recommended one colonic irrigation every six months for the individual well-being and prevention; and in most of the cases, one session in the seasonal changes.

Any therapy should be indicated and carried out by doctors. It is very important that the patient collaborates with his/her diet and a healthy lifestyle, in order to obtain an effective and long-lasting hydrotherapy.

  • Constipation. 
  • Flatulence. 
  • Irritable colon, colitis, spastic colon, atonic colon. 
  • Diverticulitis, Chron’s disease. 
  • Diarrhoeas, candidiasis, parasitism. 
  • Intestinal chronic intoxication due to bacteria, viruses, fungi, heavy metals, etc. 
  • Haemorrhoids, lymphatic disorders, cellulite, obesity, swollen legs, varicose veins. 
  • Prostatic problems, chronic liver diseases, kidney diseases. 
  • Loss of sexual activity. 
  • Stress, headaches, migraine, depression. 
  • Lung conditions: asthma, bronchitis… 
  • Asthenias, depression, tiredness, fatigue. 
  • Chronic ENT conditions: sinusitis, rhinitis 
  • Allergies, itching, dysmenorrhea, osteoporosis. 
  • Premature ageing of the skin 
  • Skin diseases: psoriasis, eczemas, acne, dry skin, etc. 
  • Rheumatic diseases: osteoarthritis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, lower back pain (useful for slowing down and reducing inflammation in these procedures). 
  • Improves the scalp and hair. 
  • Preventive use in relatives of patients with colon cancer. 
  • Before any surgery, mainly, pelvis / abdomen. 
  • Prevention of infections.

In colon hydrotherapy there exist some contraindications that you should know. The main ones are:

  • Pregnancy from the 3rd. month. 
  • Intestinal obstruction. 
  • Abdominal hernia and colon neoplasm. 
  • Recent colon surgery. 
  • Acute haemorrhagic colitis. 
  • Cancerous tumour of the colon. 
  • Severe high blood pressure. 
  • Suspicion of gastrointestinal perforation. 
  • Severe heart diseases. 
  • Hepatic cirrhosis. 
  • Gastrointestinal haemorrhages. 
  • Anal fistulas. 
  • Acute haemorrhoids. 
  • Epilepsy. 
  • Necrosis due to abdominal radiation. 
  • Aneurysm. 
  • Pelvic adhesions. 

Side effects are not frequent in colon hydrotherapy. In some cases, a mild dizziness may occur. 

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