3D Facial Study


The complex anatomy of the face needs a facial study prior to any surgery of facial contouring. Beauty is based on the harmony of all the components of the face, and therefore its complete study will be very useful for the approach to a suitable facial treatment.

What does it consist of?

A “custom-made” face. What does it consist of?

The main purpose of the unit of facial study and 3D virtual analysis is to perform a thorough analysis of the face and a three-dimensional facial diagnosis by creating a simulation of 3D image by computer, which will facilitate an effective plan of treatment and obtain predictable results. This simulation allows the patient to become familiar with the treatment process.

This diagnostic technology will allow us to design any facial treatment with high precision and reliability; and "tailor-made" implants (personalized) will be made so as to be perfectly adapted to the anatomy and needs of the patient.

The purpose is to achieve a detailed facial diagnosis that allows planning and developing a unique and personalized treatment for each patient according to her/his needs.

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