Cosmetic Fillings


Increasing numbers of our patients are interested in changing traditional metallic fillings to the next generation style, which are biocompatible and unnoticeable.  

This treatment is generally sought for two reasons: Aesthetic problems Interest is growing in oral aesthetics. Patients are concerned that dark areas should not be seen through the cracks when they smile, which might indicate that there is decay or they are neglecting their appearance.

Medical advances

There is also a major medical motivation. Traditional fillings contain 50% mercury, one of the most highly toxic substances. When used in dental fillings, mercury is released gradually in the form of vapor and small particles that find their way into the body´s organs via the lungs and stomach. This has led to mercury fillings being regulated in many countries and there has been controversy surrounding their use since they were first introduced 150 years ago.

Therefore in order to minimize any risk, Clínica Planas uses only biocompatible and totally aesthetic materials.

Surgery duration

30 minutes


It is not required


1 hour







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