Morton´s Neuroma


Morton´s neuroma is a painful thickening of an interdigital nerve. That´s to say, a nerve responsible for the toe´s sensitivity which can be very annoying.

Generally the pain is localised to the third intermetatarsal space, between the third and fourth toes. However, sometimes it can also present in the second space.

If you suffer pains similar to a "cramp" in the sole of the foot, in the II or III intermetatarsal space, you are likely to suffer from a Morton´s neuroma.

The sensory nerve thickens because it is surrounded by a fibrosis (scar) induced by the abrasion of the nerve in the metatarsal bones and the intermetatarsal ligament.

Morton´s neuroma does not create any visible deformities. Therefore, a careful examination and specific tests such as magnetic resonance imaging are needed for a diagnosis.

Surgery duration

15 minutes


It is not required






4-6 weeks




The radical extirpation of the interdigital sensory nerve is a surgical practice commonly used and in many cases is excessive, since it forces patients to take a long recovery period. In addition, patients will lose partially or total sensitivity in the two toes affected by this condition.

Clínica Planas we perform a different technique, based on the principles of minimally invasive surgery which means performing an endoscopic decompression of the intermetatarsal ligament, releasing the trapped nerve in a small space.

Minimally invasive surgical technique

The surgery does not leave any scar because it works with small incisions of 1mm, by means of a technique which corrects the foot deformations, realigning the bone completely without unnecessary osteotomies. Respect for tissues and bone integrity is reflected in: a restoration of the foot shape and function, immediate recovery with minimal postoperative discomfort .


Simpler: surgery is an outpatient procedure.
Quicker: it only takes 20 minutes and is performed under local anaesthetic.
Less invasive: leaves no scares
Less infection risk
Less risk of losing sensitivity in toes.
Quicker: recuperation is quicker and you can wear normal shoes immediately after the operation.
Less pain: we respect the tissues and don´t remove the sensitive nerve.


Preoperative rules are simpler and applicable to any treatment.


The patient will be able to walk after treatment without needing crutches thanks to orthopaedic shoes or with an open sandal during the first week. After a week, you can use your normal shoes again.


Not necessarily. It´s very common for the symptoms of Morton´s neuroma can be confused with a metatarsalgia, for this reason a personalised medical examination is needed.

No, the nerve which causes Morton´s neuroma is a sensitive nerve and not a motor nerve. An injury in it or the extirpation of it, would only imply the loss of sensibility, not movement.

Expert opinion

Dr. Fabio D'Angelo

Dr. Fabio D'Angelo

The interdigital decompression of the toes is a procedure that is performed in mild or moderate cases, when the nerve still has the possibility of reducing inflammation once released.

In severe cases, when the fibrosis has trapped the nerve irreversibly, the nerve will need to be removed.


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