Prominent Ears


Prominent or sticking out ears are a very frequent congenital malformation. Otoplasty is the technique that solves this malformation by surgery.

Surgery duration

1 hour


It is not required (local) 4 horus with sedation


1 week


Local or local with sedation


1 week




Numerous techniques have been described to correct prominent ears, but the most usual method consists of making an incision behind the ear up to the cartilage zone following the fold. Here, some sutures of nonabsorbable material are inserted that fold the ear back naturally, correcting the deformity. 


The operation is carried out under general anesthesia in children; in adults, under local anesthesia and sedation.


24 hours of hospitalisation is required for this surgical treatment.


A prior medical examination is vital to determine any possible anomaly that may undermine the operation. In the case of children, it is advisable to carry out otoplasty from six years of age on, as the ears are fully developed by then.



After the operation, the patient will wear a padded dressing for 48 hours. When this is removed, the ears will be slightly inflamed but this will disappear over the next few days. The stitches are removed after 10 days.

Expert opinion

Dr. Jorge Planas

Dr. Jorge Planas

He tenido en la consulta, niños y niñas, mirándome con ojos brillantes y reprimiendo a duras penas saltitos de alegría. Movidos como el azogue, expresan su gozo en las frases de gratitud más encantadoras que un cirujano plástico pueda oír jamás. No se les ha liberado de un (a veces discutible) pequeño defecto estético; se les ha liberado del peso de la diferencia, de la humillación, de la vergüenza.

Curriculum Blog

Dr. Gabriel Planas

Dr. Gabriel Planas

It is recommended to perform this surgery in preschool when the ear cartilage is still malleable. After surgery, it only needs a day\'s stay in the clinic. The recovery is fast: the patient wears a bandage 24-48 hours and stitches are removed 10 days after.


Dr. Carlos del Cacho

Dr. Carlos del Cacho

Prominent ears, commonly known as «protruding ears», are a quite frequent genetic defect. Advances in surgery have made possible to correct aesthetic defects of the ears without complications in most of the cases.


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