Laser: Facial Rejuvenation


The techniques, well-known for years, for the treatment of facial wrinkles are: dermabrasion and chemical peels. The latest technological developments offer a third alternative for removing facial wrinkles and improving your appearance: laser.

Resurfacing or laser treatment for facial wrinkles is a new technique that allows you to get rid of mild to moderate wrinkles, and clearly improves the appearance of deeper ones.

In those cases that it is required, this treatment can be applied along with other complementary techniques, such as eyelid surgery, infiltration of filler products, Vistabel (botulinum toxin); or it can be combined with other lasers to remove skin spots and hair permanently. Laser accuracy gives the doctor a higher control on the whole process of skin exfoliation and therefore so as to obtain the best results.

Surgery duration

1 hour


1 day


15-20 days


Local with or without sedation


3 months



What is it about?

Resurfacing is a technique that consists of vaporizing the facial epidermis with an infrared beam. It is usually carried out on the whole skin of the face (facial resurfacing) or by areas (around the eyes or the mouth, in the eyebrows and cheeks). A thin scab appears 24 hours after the treatment and comes off between the first and the second following weeks.

During the treatment, it is necessary to protect the eyes with glasses, specific ones for each laser. An only session is usually enough to obtain the desired result. After each application, the skin remains rosy for a period of two to three weeks. The patient should take into account this aspect because it may be an inconvenient in his/her social and labour relations.

Most of these are outpatient treatments.
Facial resurfacing treatments carried out under local anaesthesia with sedation require two days of inpatient hospitalization.

Sometimes, the facial resurfacing treatment is carried out in the operating room under local anaesthesia and sedation so as not to cause any discomfort. Smoother applications are performed on an outpatient basis with topical anaesthesia.


Thinking in terms of efficacy, this will be the chosen treatment for removing facial wrinkles. Its results are the best. In just one session it is possible to achieve the desired renewal; and in a few days, the skin is as its best. The only care you should take is cosmetic by using creams. Resurfacing has obtained multitude of really satisfied patients. Although there is a brief discomfort of waiting for the slight reddening to disappear, there is the benefit of a truly renewed skin, free from imperfections, smooth, with a new brightness and rejuvenated appearance.



It is important not to sunbathe the days before the laser application and to keep the skin with the best hydration.


After resurfacing, the doctor should follow the evolutionary process of skin re-epithelialization. During this period of time you should avoid to contact contaminated items and will not use any cosmetics since may trigger allergic reactions. You should shelter from the sun and do not take any Aspirins or products with acetylsalicylic acid.

After the third week, once the skin is no longer rosy, you will be able to use cosmetics and makeup again.


This technique is beneficial for improving any kind of facial wrinkles.

It is important that the specialist knows your medical history so as to recommend the right laser treatment.

You should stay at the clinic for two weeks in case of resurfacing, and a few hours will be enough for other treatments in smaller areas.

It takes between 45 and 60 minutes. If it is only the cheeks area, about 35 minutes, the periorbital area (around the eyes) 25 minutes, the peribucal (around the mouth) 20 minutes; and 25 minutes approximately the area between eyebrows.

One session is usually enough to obtain the desired result.

No. After the treatment with laser, skin ages in a natural way.

Yes, although it is recommended not to repeat it before a year.

It is recommended not to sunbathe up to a year after the laser treatment.

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