Face sking resurfacing


V UP is the combination of three of the most effective techniques from botulinum toxin and Laser Units. Pulsed Light treatment for the removal of skin blemishes, botulinum toxin therapy and calcium hydroxyapatite. The merger of these two separate treatments is effective and makes the result spectacular.

This treatment is named because the shape of the young and symmetrical face, which is of V by defining the contours and smoothness of the skin. This treatment not only gets you back to a face that is becoming an inverted V, but raises the structures by infiltration of calcium hydroxyapatite and Botulinum Toxin to blur wrinkles, restore volumes and correct imperfections firmness.

Up V Treatment is carried out in two sessions spread over time 21 days. During the first session the laser treatment Pulsed Light is performed, which aims to improve the entire surface of the skin, smoothness, fine lines and unifies the skin tone by destroying the skin pigment without affecting the surrounding skin, get a flash skin effect. The treatment lasts between 5 and 10 minutes depending on the extent of the spots.

At 21 days, the second session is performed by Dr. Maged Haj-Younes, who first made the T.B. Test to analyze the patient\\'s face and then infiltrate Botulinum Toxin to rejuvenate the facial upper third, and replenish volumes by improving contour of the oval face by infiltrating calcium hydroxyapatite.

The results give neutral, symmetrical, younger and tense structures to the face.

The T.B. Test, customizing infiltration of botulinum toxin

Clinica Planas, with Dr. Maged Haj -Younes, has launched a unique new protocol within Unit Botulinum Toxin center. T.B. Test stands for Botulinum Toxin Test, face and pioneering analysis of existing toxins in the market that has implemented Clinica Planas, to offer excellence in their treatments and get excellent results.

The T.B. Test is the first comprehensive dermatologic analysis to determine which botulinum toxin requires the patient according to a number of factors that must always be taken into account: age, area to be treated, type of skin, muscle endurance, etc ... This is customizing infiltration of botulinum toxin as not all patients or all areas are the same and with this pioneering test substance can determine what is appropriate for each particular case and what are the exact points to puncture.

The T.B. Test uses the latest technology to achieve a complete analysis of the face through a quantitative and qualitative diagnosis of the skin. To do this, the computer image analysis of high technology is used IOMA. This comprehensive scanner of the skin and muscles of the face, plus extensive knowledge of botulinum toxin products market, will make infiltration botulinum toxin therapy unique in each case and with excellent results.

Surgery duration

20-30 minutes


It is not required




It is not required


2 weeks



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