Morpheus. Facial and Body Flaccidity


Morpheus is an outpatient treatment of radiofrequency, which is performed in the doctor's office to fight facial flaccidity. It is a treatment that achieves the same results as others, but without damaging the dermis or requiring home leave.

At Clínica Planas all treatments are personalised and depending on the quality and degree of flaccidity of the skin, different techniques can be combined (Morpheus or a combination of Accuttite with Morpheus) to achieve the best results.

Surgery duration

30 minutes


Not Required


1-2 days




After 5 days



What does it consist of?

We offer you the latest technology of fractionated bipolar radiofrequency that stimulates neocollagenesis in the underlying layers of the skin. The treatment focuses on the deeper layers of the skin by producing a reorganisation of its basic elements and producing an anti-aging effect.

Morpheus Radio Frequency is a device that acts on the subdermal fat to transform ageing features and achieve a younger look. By using a micro needle applicator with 24 coated pins, it penetrates into the subdermal tissue, coagulates fat and tightens the connective tissue.

It is a non-surgical procedure, that is, it does not require hospital admission or sedation, only a topical anaesthesia and does not produce any scarring.

It is a minimally invasive, safe and highly effective treatment with immediate and visible results from the first session.

It can be applied to any area that needs a subdermal renovation. The most common areas include the lower third of the face and neck.
This treatment is suitable for all types of skin, even with dark tones. It is ideal for patients with severe flaccidity or slightly sagging skin with a wrinkled or irregularities on the face, neck, arms, abdomen and knees.


- Severe and moderate wrinkles

- Bar code
- Nasolabial fold
- Acne scars and improvement of skin tone and appearance.
- Turkey neck
- Double chin
- Cellulite
- Inner thighs
- Redensification of the buttocks


- It is a safe and highly effective treatment.

- It is a treatment that does not cause any damage to the dermis.
- It has no risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).
- It achieves a smooth skin effect.
- It is a non-surgical procedure, that is, it does not require hospitalisation or sedation, only a topical anaesthesia and does not produce any scars.
- The results are uniform, permanent and visible from the first week.
- The first results can be seen within the first few days and are fully visible after 3 weeks. Since up to 3 months after the last treatment we can not appreciate the final result.

Post Treatment Care

Patients should hydrate the treated area and avoid sun exposure.

It is also recommended to use a good sunscreen every day, which not only reduces the risk of skin cancer, but also helps to prevent wrinkles and slows down the ageing process.

Regarding make-up after the treatment, as there is a minimum recovery time, the patient will be able to apply make-up again 1 or 2 days after the treatment and depending on the parameters used, it will also be normal for patients to notice micro lesions some days after and a slight redness for a week, .


It is the specific technology to treat very small areas of the body that require maximum precision.


- Eyebrows
- Upper and lower eyelids
- Nasolabial fold
- Double chin
- Neck
- Armpit
- Biceps
- Hands

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