• Haemorrhoids


    In addition to the surgical treatment of haemorrhoids, there are new non-surgical techniques that are applicable in certain cases and that allow us to put an end to the typical problems of this pathology such as pain and bleeding.
  • Constipation


    Medical or surgical treatment will bring a substantial change in the ability to defecate. The affected person will return to emotional stability and notice a significant improvement in all aspects of his/her quality of life.
  • Anal Fistula

    Anal Fistula

    Fistulas require early treatment as they can get complicated as abscesses or ramifications. Fistulotomy is the most effective procedure that guarantees the highest cure rate.
  • Rectal Prolapse

    Rectal Prolapse

    Rectal prolapse is only treated with surgery. Prolapse correction may be carried out through the abdomen with laparoscopic surgery or with open surgery.
  • Sacral Cyst or Pilonidal Sinus

    Sacral Cyst or Pilonidal Sinus

    The opening and curettage of the lesion allows stimulating the regeneration of a new and healthy tissue that can heal in a few weeks without being a painful process and without limiting the patient’s social and working activities.
  • Anal incontinence

    Anal incontinence

    A good diagnosis and a correct choice of the technique will allow stopping or having a significant decrease of involuntary losses with the consequent improvement of self-esteem and quality of life.
  • Anal Itching

    Anal Itching

    When it is possible to identify the cause of itching, it can be stopped by treating the associated pathology that has triggered it.
  • Rectocele


    The rectocele is the herniation of the front wall of the rectum into the back wall of the vagina in the vaginal lumen due to the weakness of the rectum-vaginal septum that separates the rectum and the vagina.
  • Chronic Anal Fissure

    Chronic Anal Fissure

    The degree of satisfaction of the operated patients is high since they go from an almost constant and desperate pain to its absence in a few hours.
  • Acute Anal Fissure

    Acute Anal Fissure

    If properly diagnosed and early treated, an acute anal fissure heals in a short time.
  • Enterocele


    Enterocele occurs when the intestinal loops descend into the lower part of the pelvis, causing a compression on the rectum and preventing the transit of stool in its end.

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