Bichat´s Fat Pads


The face is the most visible part of our body. Therefore, many people are looking to improve their image and give a better balance to their face so they turn to cosmetic surgery to tune it, accentuating the cheekbone area. Patients complexed by an excessively rounded face, can find the solution by extracting Bichat bags, fat deposits found on the cheeks. 

 Bichat bags named after its discoverer, the French anatomist Xavier Bichat, are fatty packages found on the cheeks. In fact, we all have them but, depending on their size, they make us more round or more long shaped.

To extract them will make the face thinner, accentuating the cheekbones, making it more angular and defined.

This procedure is recommended for those who are among 16 years when the face stops growing, and 40 when, the aging process begins in which the face gets thinner on its own.

Surgery duration

30 minutes


It is not required


1 day




1 week




The process to extract the bags is simple and fast (30 minutes):

  1. Application of local anesthesia, unless to take advantage of entering to the operating room to do other interventions of more importance.   
  2. Realization of two internal incisions of 1.5 cm, in each cheek, directly in the space between the upper and lower molars. 
  3. Removing fat bags. Its total extraction is not required, it depends on how much you want to tune the face. 
  4. Stitches. 


  • The scars should not be of any matter or concern because they are inside the mouth. 
  • You get surprising result of esthetics and facial contour. 
  • The very natural result will be seen after one month of intervention and many people will attribute it to weight loss. 



  • Minimal inflammation which gradually decreases. 
  • During the first week and a half it will be necessary to follow a soft diet and ensure a good oral hygiene. 
  • Must not worry about the stitches they will fall on their own. 
  • The, incorporation to the daily routine is immediate. 

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