Nasal Reshaping


The nose is one of the most characteristic features on a person’s face, and also one of the most operated parts of the body. The only option to modify the shape of this organ, so far, was to undergo rhinoplasty; but recently a new treatment has been introduced, which allows retouching the shape of the nose without surgery: nasal reshaping.

Surgery duration

30-45 minuts


Not required








12-18 months


It is the non-surgical medical treatment of beauty and nasal harmony, which consists of the infiltration of absorbable filler products, with specific techniques to correct the nasal dorsum, raise the tip, narrow the nostrils, correct asymmetries, refine certain noses, improve rhinoplasties etc.

The hyaluronic acid usually used in nasal reshaping is of medium-high density. The substance is infiltrated into the periosteum, that is, just above the bones or nasal cartilages, in order to reshape small humps or to harmonize the nasofrontal and nasolabial angles. Hyaluronic acid also allows us to work on the septum, and give it a more aesthetic shape.

Botulinum toxin is another substance used to relax the small depressor muscles of the septum, which are located just at its beginning. Botulinum toxin is especially used in people who want to raise the tip of their nose, either because it is a droopy nasal tip or to give it a slight turned-up projection.

The treatment is carried out with topical anaesthesia (cream) so as to minimize discomfort.

One or more sessions may be required in order to obtain natural results, and the correction achieved will last for 12 months approximately, which is the usual time that substances take to be reabsorbed. After this period of time, it is convenient to repeat the treatment to maintain its effects.

Pre Treatment

Prior to this treatment, a strict clinical examination must be performed to verify if the patient is suitable for it, or should be referred directly to surgery.

Post Treatment

After the treatment the patient may present a slight inflammation, redness, bruising and sensation of sensitivity of the nasal tip for 1 week.

It is suggested not to do sports for the first 3-4 days, not to wear glasses for 1 week, not to sunbathe directly, not to do facial cleansing and massages for at least 1 month.

It is a fast treatment that requires a review at 15 days to evaluate and retouch, if necessary.

Expert opinion

Dra. Valeria Cogorno

Dra.  Valeria Cogorno

"With this treatment we can make the nose straighter, raise the tip, correct humps or simply fill in any depressions that may exist. In no case the nose is narrowed or becomes smaller, but it is achieved that it looks straighter, smaller and more harmonic."


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