Cryolipolysis Fat Removal


Cryolipolysis is a fat removal technique using cold. The name itself indicates it: "cryo" means cold and "lipolysis" means fat destruction. In this new technique we will use controlled cooling technology to remove localized soft fat.

CLATUU Alpha is the latest non-invasive technology that can remove fat in a non-invasive way, from the chin to the knees, thanks to a wide range of applicators.

CLATUU Alpha safely freezes a large portion of fat in the subcutaneous layer, without damaging surrounding tissues or nerve areas.

Surgery duration

40 minutes


Not required


Inmediate Recovery


Not Required




Long lasting results

How does it work?

It is a non-invasive technology that, thanks to controlled cooling, manages to destroy and remove fat cells through its thermal effect. It can be said that it is the best alternative to traditional liposuction.

Fat cells are more sensitive to cold, so if temperature of an area is lowered in a controlled way, fat can be reduced without surgery.
The cooling head suctions the skin and subcutaneous layers to apply cooling energy that freezes the adipocytes (fat cells) inducing their apoptosis or programmed cell death.

The cooling head suctions the skin and crystallises fat deposits without damaging surrounding tissues or nerve areas. Crystallised fat cells are naturally removed through the body's metabolism. The remaining fat in the treated area becomes thinner and less dense.

CLATUU Alpha safely freezes a large part of fat in the subcutaneous layer without damaging the surrounding tissues or nerve areas.


After the session we can continue with the normal life without any discomfort. The only side effects that may occur after a session of Cryotherapy are redness of the skin due to suction and small hematomas that disappear in a short time. It is advisable to accompany it with a balanced diet and physical exercise.


If you have localised fat on your hips or waist, abdominal fat or double chin that you find difficult to eliminate with exercise or dieting, talk to your specialist in CLATUU Alpha treatment.

• Double chin
• Arms
• Bra line
• Abdomen
• Flanks
• Trochanters
• Buttocks
• Outer thighs
• Inner thigh s
• Knees

Struggling with stubborn fat?

Ask for a CLATUU Alpha session and your specialist will do a personalised study to reduce the accumulation of unwanted fat deposits.


Fast results without surgery.

The fat density of the treated area is reduced and a more defined and slender silhouette is achieved.
Treatment without needles or injections.
Shorter and less uncomfortable sessions.
It has different ergonomic heads to effectively treat different parts of the body.


After 4 weeks (once the body has naturally eliminated the adipocytes) is when the new contours are visible. And the silhouette continues to refine progressively up to three months later.

In a single session you can reduce up to 2 cm of contour and in just 2-3 sessions you can achieve your objectives.

Expert opinion

Dr. Iván Ibáñez

Dr. Iván Ibáñez

It is an ideal treatment for the areas of localized fat where you do not obtain good results with diet or exercise. It allows you to shape the silhouette of your body in just 1 hour.


Dra. Marta Grau

Dra. Marta Grau

There are very good results in one session since you can reduce up to 2 cm of contour, and in just 2-3 sessions you can achieve your objectives. Do not forget the importance of following a healthy diet and doing regular exercise.


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