Keloid scars are scars that overgrow the edges of the wound, increasing in size disproportionately. The scar presents a reddish colour, is hard and lumpy and itches many times. When the keloid conservative treatments fail, either laser, pressotherapy, or the intralesional application of corticoids, there is brachytherapy. Brachytherapy is a 95% effective therapy against any type of keloids and solve them definitively.

Surgery duration

1 hour


Not required


1 week







What is it about?

Brachytherapy consists of irradiating the keloids with radiotherapy directly on the scars when they are long and big. If they are small, first, they are removed surgically and a fine catheter is left inside the wound with the purpose of giving radiotherapy through it under a computer-controlled process so as to know where to give more or less radiation. In this way, a hypoxic-hypocellular and hypovascular tissue is obtained to avoid the excessive fibroblasts migration to the area, achieving a better and more aesthetic scar.


As in any medical procedure, it will be necessary to have a first-visit diagnosis, in which the most suitable technique or treatment will be assessed in each case.


Post-operative Care

The patient will be able to go back home the same day and will not have any sensation of pain.
Stitches will be removed a week later.


With this treatment, not only the scar appearance, size, hardness and colour are significantly improved, but also its tendency to expand.

Expert opinion

Dr. Jorge Planas

Dr. Jorge Planas

This is the most effective treatment for the difficult keloid, compared to other treatments such as laser or corticoids infiltration.

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