Anti-ageing medicine


Human beings count our age chronologically. Every 365 days we become another year older and this continuous cycle provides a clear indicator of how much time has elapsed since our birth. There is also another type of aging, however, which relates to the wear that our body has experienced during our life. This is known as biological aging.

Biological age can vary depending on a person’s lifestyle, so the biological age of a person who is under a great deal of pressure, eats an unbalanced diet, suffers from a lack of sleep and leads a sedentary lifestyle may not correspond to their chronological age. This disparity between chronological age and biological age influences the course of aging and may even vary in the same person from one organ to another.

Clínica Planas´s Anti-aging programme is a medical treatment designed to evaluate a person’s biological age, identify its contributing factors and design a customized treatment plan. The programme aims to restore balance and prevent the onset of disease, slowing the natural aging process and improving our patients’ health and quality of life.

The Anti-aging program provides a personalized treatment plan for each patient. The aim is to extend the patient´s adult life phase with their full faculties intact, restoring and preserving quality of life. Treatment involves a very thorough series of tests, using biological, psychological, biochemical, genetic, and immunological functional parameters, also known as biomarkers, that are relevant to various aging factors.

  • Physical, psychological and biological tests are carried out to provide important information on how the body´s organs and systems are functioning.  
  • Cardiovascular risks, respiratory function and gastrointestinal function are evaluated. Dietary habits are checked, osteo-articular disorders are identified, kidney and liver function assessed and a neuropsychological evaluation is carried out to test physical-athletic capacity.  
  • Body composition is measured for fat, muscle and water levels.  
  • Biochemical tests are performed on blood, saliva and urine to evaluate more than 300 parameters relating to oxidative stress, fatty acid profile, complete hormonal profile, cardiovascular risk, cancer and other factors. A genetic and immunological study is also undertaken.  
  • We evaluate DNA damage, oxidative stress and omega 3, omega 6 and other fatty acid values. This enables us to assess the potential onset of disease and the patient´s current rate of aging.  
  • CLINICA PLANAS benefits from the latest technology, possessing a biochip that can detect up to 70 genetic polymorphisms associated with disease and aging (cardiovascular diseases, cancer, osteoporosis and stress or oxidation of the body). Once tests have been carried out, a personal aging profile is prepared for each patient identifying the main biological issues and treatment focus areas. We build a biological aging "map", which details the speed of aging and the body´s ability to repair itself.  



Once the initial assessment is complete, a personalised treatment plan is developed with regular monitoring to evaluate patient outcomes. The personal health plan is based on:

  • Nutrition: This is one of the key treatment areas. It has been proven that patients who acquire good eating habits and follow an appropriate diet that is specifically formulated to their needs are more likely to enjoy long-term health.  
  • We prescribe nutraceuticals, vitamins, minerals or trace elements, antioxidants and other specific nutrients that enhance the body´s defences and reparative capabilities according to patients´ specific needs.  
  • Natural hormone replacement is prescribed if necessary, to restore optimal levels.  
  • A physical exercise program is specifically designed around the needs, fitness and capabilities of each patient as it has been proven that certain exercises can increase lifespan.  
  • Mental exercises are prescribed for stress control and to boost concentration and memory. 

Medical team

Clínica Planas´s anti-aging unit is comprised of a large multidisciplinary team of over 20 specialists, each of which is expert in their individual field of medicine. Modern technology and collaboration with our head office in the United States enables our team to provide a highly scientific and personalised service.



The anti-aging program offers a number of benefits:

Physical Benefits

  • The anti-aging program improves physical performance by increasing muscle tone and mass, reduces body fat levels and increases the general feeling of wellbeing. - It improves immunity (increased resistance to catarrh, colds and all sorts of infections). - It increases sexual performance in both men and women. Cellular Benefits 
  • Improvement in factors that influence aging - Increased cellular repair and revitalization. - Decreased cell destruction. - Improved elasticity and hydration of the skin and faster healing.  

Mental Benefits

  • Improved mental perfomance (memory, concentration, mental agility and reflexes). - Stress management. - Increased feeling of wellbeing. 

Disease Prevention

  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. - Reduced risk of cancer. In general, patients experience an improvement in quality of life with enhanced physical, intellectural, athelectic and sexual activity, a reduction in weight and lower risk indicators. 


Clínica Planas´s anti-aging program is aimed at people interested in:

  • Your physical, mental and sexual health, your general wellbeing and your quality of life. 
  • Maintaining and improving their physical and intellectual faculties 
  • Improving their quality of life and remaining active 

It is also designed for those with a family history of cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, tumors or other risk factors.

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