Dark Patches


Laser has many medical applications. In the aesthetic field, there is the possibility of getting rid of skin spots from face, cleavage or hand. These spots are often associated to aging, and the long exposure to solar radiation.

Laser application to remove skin spots offers the possibility of getting rid of the excess pigmentation without causing any skin damage. Usually, one or two sessions of 10 minutes are required to remove a pigmented lesion, and the spots disappear leaving a uniform tone and the skin intact.

This is a painless technique and does not leave any marks or scars. Its application varies according to age, type of skin and pigmentation. Laser is also indicated for removing benign pigmented lesions of the skin for aesthetic reasons: solar lentigines, nevi, melanic macules, known as “café au lait” spots, melasma, hyperchromic scars, sequelae of depigmentation treatments, etc.

Surgery duration

30 minutes


It is not required


2 weeks


It is not required


2 weeks



What is about

The doctor localizes the spots and sends short pulsating beams of light to them. Then, the skin vaporizes its top layer and a whitish or greyish colouring is observed in the treated area, surrounded by a slight reddening; where the doctor applies dry cold, decongesting the skin and reducing swelling. Finally, an emollient cream is applied.

Laser releases a large amount of energy in a very short period of time. This radiation is absorbed by the skin spots, destroying pigments without harming the surrounding skin or leaving scars.

The laser treatment for skin spots does not require hospitalization.


It is not convenient to use makeup or concealer the days before the laser application. Thus, skin spots will be visible and the treatment will be more effective.



After the laser treatment you will notice a slight heating and swelling of the treated area that diminish in a short time. It may be also a whitish or greyish colouring of the area that may last from a few minutes up to several days; but it completely disappears ten or twelve days later, giving rise to a rosy tone.

It is recommended to apply skin regenerating creams and solar filter after the treatment.


It usually takes about five minutes per session, depending on the extent of the spots.

No. Perhaps you may notice just a mild discomfort. Only in very special cases the local anesthesia will be required.

The ones on the face come off approximately a week later, and the ones on the hands and the cleavage about twenty days.

You will be able to make up so as to hide scabs. When they come off, you should also use sun protection.

It is recommended not to expose the treated skin to the sun without total protection the first summer after the treatment.

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