Filler Implants


Skin is our first contact with the outside world and the face is the area mostly likely to suffer from the ravages of time. In time, the result is a loss in elasticity, tone, tautness and firmness of the structures as the years go by. 

This slow but relentless wear and tear gives rise to expression lines that, in time, become wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, between the eyebrows, at the corners of the mouth or in the fold between the nose and mouth.

Age is also revealed by other problems that affect the aesthetic harmony of the face, such as a loss of volume in the lips and cheeks.

Surgery duration

20 minuts


It is not required


2-3 days




1 week




Fluids can be injected just below the skin using an extremely fine needle or cannulas to eliminate wrinkles, reduce scarring and also round out cheekbones, cheeks or the chin. However, one of the most popular uses for this technique in recent years has been to enhance the lips.

The materials used in these techniques are totally compatible with the body, chemically and physically stable and imperceptible to the touch, characteristics that ensure a natural and permanent result is achieved.

This treatment is recommended for those who wish to improve, without modifying their expression, the thickness or projection of their lips, the definition of their "cupid´s bow", to raise drooping corners of the mouth, reduce grimacing or correct wrinkles at the top of the lips or frown lines.


This treatment is done on outpatient basis.


The patient will undergo this treatment with local anaesthesia.


Subsequent inflammation disappears after approximately 12 hours. Should there be any slight bruising, this becomes invisible within 5-7 days.

Normal life may be resumed immediately, including sport, as long as the specialist´s advice is followed.


Expert opinion

Dra. Marta Grau

Dra. Marta Grau

It is important to personalize each treatment since each face is different, by enhancing the most outstanding features of each one, and maintaining always the harmony. A good result will be the one that achieves a discreet and natural result, a younger face by defining the features and maintaining the personality and traits of each individual.


Dra. Valeria Cogorno

Dra.  Valeria Cogorno

Filler products are currently of high quality and are made with biocompatible materials, always resorbable over time. Thus, it is a very safe treatment with which patients notice a great improvement and show a younger face the same day of the treatment.


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