Gingival Smile


Certainly, the smile is a very important feature of the face. However, there are many people who do not feel comfortable when smiling and it is not always because of the shape of the teeth. It is due to alterations in the smile, especially when showing excessive gummy smile. This is what is called gingival smile.


1.    Dental (slight gingival smile): Where the gum has not properly retracted, so we see very little tooth. The treatment is gingivectomy, which consists of removing part of the gum so that it remains more exposed tooth.

This treatment consists of a mild surgery that contours the shape of the gum so as to show all the natural enamel of the crown.

During crown enlargement, the excess of gingival tissue is removed and the correct shape is given so as to expose the correct length of the tooth crown.

It is usually carried out with an electric surgical scalpel as it cauterizes and leaves no scar.

2.    Very short upper lip (moderate gingival smile): It is the most frequent and has an easy solution. The treatment is to release the mirtiform muscle, from the retractor muscles of the lip, which are too active.

It is a simple surgery. It is carried out under local anaesthesia on an outpatient basis. It does not leave any scars.

3.    Skeletal (severe gingival smile): Excessive vertical growth of the upper jaw, giving the appearance of a long face. The treatment is maxillofacial, the orthognathic surgery, where the upper jaw is shortened.


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