Planas Medical Gym

Personal training under medical surveillance

Planas Medical Gym

In order to live a healthy life, it is important that we follow a healthy and balanced diet, balanced with the positive effects of supervised physical activity. We offer a PERSONAL TRAINING service to patients looking to acquire good physical health habits and achieve specific targets. Our team of physical trainers will devise a customised program that meets your specific needs and objectives. 
Clínica Planas has created the PLANAS MEDICAL GYM, a private and exclusive gym that boasts a highly qualified team of trainers who will work with you to carry out your training programs under the supervision of a doctor.
Do you want access to a private gym, but you are not a patient at Clínica Planas? Ask for an appointment and we will make your PERSONAL TRAINING reservation at the Clínica Planas private gym.

Our programs follow the following four steps:

Evaluation and diagnoses
We will start by making an appointment in order to get an understanding of your expectations and explain how can we help you.
In order to evaluate your fitness and to define your proposed targets, we will conduct some tests that will take into account gender, age, physical limitations (lesions) and life style. This is used to establish the appropriate type and rhythm of training.
If you come to us following an operation, for example if a doctor has recommended training to help you recover from the surgery, our doctors will advise on the most suitable training program.

Program design
According to the data collected during the evaluation tests, or if you come to us after an operation, we will design a customised program with individualised exercises which are adjusted to your specific profile.

System and development
We will choose the specific training methods (cardiovascular exercise, muscular strength exercises, stretching….) using different techniques and state-of-the-art apparatus (power plate, TRX, resistance bands, cardiovascular apparatus, NARL) and our team of trainers will adapt the specific exercise to match your fitness.

Evolution control
Depending on the requirements of each case, we will set up periodic tests to obtain information about how your fitness is changing, comparing the results each time with the previous set.

Outpatients’ follow-up
We provide technological support to help our patients continue with their maintenance exercises. We follow you every step of the way.

Departments and Units with physical activity programs:

-AESTHETIC SURGERY DEPARTMENTS (A specific support program before and after the operation).
-AESTHETIC BODY MEDICINE (A specific support treatment for the treated areas, cellulites, drainage to improve liquid retention).
-OBESITY UNIT (A postoperative support treatment and designed also for helping with weight loss using a gastric band).
-VASCULAR UNIT (A treatment to improve blood circulation: “varicose veins specific treatment”).
-PREVENTIVE MEDICINE AND EARLY DETECTION UNIT (A support treatment for different diseases, such as vascular problems, diabetes and cholesterol)
-NUTRITION AND DIETETICS UNIT (A support treatment aimed at various targets: fat percentage reduction, muscle increase, muscule tone improvement).
-ANTI-AGING UNIT (For improving general quality of life according to each patient’s needs).

Clínica Planas has developed highly effective programs to help to achieve and maintain targets

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