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Personal training under medical surveillance

In order to have a healthy life, we have to follow a healthy and balanced food habits, not forgetting the positive effects of supervised physical activity. If you would like to acquire good habits for your physical health and achieve the proposed targets, we offer you the service of PERSONAL TRAINING. Our team of physical trainers will elaborate a program customized for your needs and aims.

Clínica Planas has created PLANAS MEDICAL GYM, a private and exclusive gym that counts with a high qualified team of trainers, with the highest quality standards and, even more important, with customized training programs supervised by a doctor.

Do you want to have a private gym, but you are not a patient at Clínica Planas? Ask for an appointment and we will reserve your personal gym with our service of PERSONAL TRAINING.


Our programs can be divided on the following steps:

Evaluation and diagnoses

First of all, we will mark an appointment, in order to know your expectations and explain you how can we help you.
So as to know your fitness and to guide you to the proposed targets, we will conduct some tests and we will take into account sex, age, physical limitations (lesions) and life style, so as to establish the appropriate type and rhythm of training.
In case you come to our gym after an operation and doctors suggested training to help you recover from the surgical operations, we will then establish the most suitable training program according to our doctors.

Design of the program

According to the data obtained in the evaluation tests or, if you come to our gym after an operation, we will design a customized program with individualized exercises and adjusted to your profile.

System and development

We will choose the specific training methods (cardiovascular exercise, muscular strength exercises, stretching….) with different techniques and state-of-the-art apparatus (power plate, TRX, resistance bands, cardiovascular apparatus, NARL), known by our team of trainers, to correctly develop the exercises, adapting them to your fitness.

Evolution control

Depending on each case, we will set up periodic tests to obtain information about your fitness evolution and comparing it with the prior evolution.

Outpatients’ follow-up

We will provide technological support to help our patients to do their maintenance exercises. We are close to you!
Departments and Units including a physical activity program:

  • AESTHETIC SURGERY DEPARTMENTS (focused as specific support program before and after the operation).
  • AESTHETIC BODY MEDICINE (focused as a specific support treatment for the treated areas, cellulites, drainage to improve liquid retention).
  • OBESITY UNIT (focused as postoperative support treatment and designed also for helping with the loss of weight of “intragastric balloon ").
  • VASCULAR UNIT (focused as a treatment to improve blood circulation: “varicose veins specific treatment”).
  • UNIT OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE AND EARLY DETECTION (Focused as a support treatment for different diseases, such as vascular problems, diabetes and cholesterol)
  • NUTRITION AND DIETETICS UNIT (focused as a support treatment depending on targets: fat percentage diminution, increase of muscle, muscular tone).
  • ANTIAGING UNIT (focused on improving life quality in a general context and according on each patient’s needs).

In function of Clinica Planas’ departments and unit, we have developed highly effective programs to help to achieve and maintain the proposed or achieved targets.

HEALTH program

Designed for anyone interested in achieving an optimum physical and mental performance. Through our medical and sports screening, we will get all needed information to measure your health level and thus to develop a customized program with the appropriate intensity. Our professionals will help you to achieve a more healthy body and to educate you so as to have an excellent quality of life.

-Medical checkup (risks factors)
-Treadmill test / blood pressure on stress
-Special analytics (Obess-Sport-Stress)
-Nutritionist consultation / Special supplements
-Physical trainer consultation (strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, anthropometric data)

Aesthetic program

Designed for anyone interested in improving specific body areas (gluteus, abdomen, legs, arms, cellulites, liquid retention). Our program includes exercises that treat the specific area in order to achieve your target as soon as possible. This program is designed as a support program for liposuction, abdominoplasties and after specific body aesthetic surgery.

-Consultation aesthetic surgeon (professional assessment criterion)
-Anthropometric data (corporal measures)
-First consultation with the physical trainer (physical data collection)

Slimming and loss of weight program

Designed for anyone interested in diminishing their body shape or in controlling his/her weight. Our program uses the latest investigations about how to lose weight via physical training in an intelligent manner without greatest efforts. Moreover, the workout is done with a specialized diet, so as to reinforce the proposal, if necessary, and teaching you a good and healthy diet. As a note, it is important to underline that muscle exercise not only improve the strength of the muscle, but also a fit muscular system increases the calorie expenditure when resting (consumes more calories). The physical training also improves other physical qualities, such as coordination, flexibility of soft tissues, which are responsible for the body balance and a more aesthetic muscle tone.

-Medical checkup (assessment of risk factors)
-Treadmill test
-OBESSGEN analytics (specialized in location the obesity gen)
-Nutritionist consultation (assessment of nutritional status)
- Anthropometric data

Anti-aging Program
Designed for anyone interested in maintaining his/her health. The results of the anti-aging department medical consultation are the main tool for designing this program. With this data, we deliver a customized program of physical activity to help patients to slow down the aging process and to increase the energetic resources for improving their quality of life as years pass by. Achieve the balance between your chronologic and biologic age.

30’ Express program
DDesigned for anyone looking for a physical aim (improving of the muscular tone, of the aerobic resistance, of the muscular elasticity or of concrete muscular problems).
If you do not have much time, this is your program.


Expert opinion

Paco Cascajosa

 Paco Cascajosa

Knowing the physical condition allows us to design fitness programs that help us to achieve aesthetic improvements, as well as to prevent diseases related to a sedentary lifestyle. At Clínica Planas we conducted a comprenhensive medical study to personalize individual training plans.


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