Personal Training

Personalized Programs to achieve the objectives

Personal Training

Personalized Programs to achieve the objectives

To get a healthy life, we should have into account some healthy and balanced eating habits, without forgetting the positive effects of practicing a physical supervised activity. If you wish to gain good physical health habits and achieve the proposed objectives, we offer you the PERSONALIZED TRAINING service, where our team of physical trainers will lead you INDIVIDUALLY through different PROGRAMS.

Clinica Planas has set up the PLANAS MEDICAL GYM, a private and exclusive gym, which has a team of highly qualified trainers, the highest standards of quality; and the most important, the programs designed on demand and supervised by a doctor.

Do you want to have a private gym but you are not a patient of the Clinic? Make an appointment and we will reserve your personal gym with our PERSONALIZED TRAINING service.

The programs consist of the following parts:

Assessment and diagnosis

First of all we have the first consultation to know the objectives you look for and to explain how we can help you.
In order to know your original physical condition and to guide you towards the proposed objective, we will carry out several tests according to your sex, age and physical limits (lesions) as well as your lifestyle, so as to determine the suitable level of physical effort.
If you come after surgery with a proposal of treatment support, we will give you the best suitable guidelines from of our doctors’ point of view.

Design of the program

According to the data obtained in the evaluation tests, or on the contrary, if you are a patient referred by our professionals as a support treatment, we will design a program with completely personalized exercises adjusted to your profile.

Method and development

In this phase we choose the specific training methods (cardiovascular work, muscle work, stretching...) with different cutting-edge techniques and equipment (power plate, TRX, rubber bands, cardiovascular devices, NARL), well-known by our team of physical trainers, in order to develop the exercises correctly, and adapted to your morphology.

Control of the evolution

Depending on each case, we will organize regular check-ups from which we will obtain some information to contrast with that from the initial evaluation.

External follow-up

We provide our patients with technology support in order to be able to carry on with the training activities. We are near you!
Departments or Units with a program support of physical activity:
- DEPARTMENT OF AESTHETIC SURGERY (as a support treatment for preoperative and postoperative specific periods)
- BODY AESTHETIC MEDICINE (focused on specific support for areas to be treated, cellulite, and drainage to prevent fluid retention).
- OBESITY UNIT (focused on specific support for postoperative weight-loss surgery “intragastric balloon”).
- VASCULAR UNIT (focused on the treatment for circulation improvement: "specific treatment for varicose veins").
- PREVENTIVE MEDICINE AND EARLY DETECTION UNIT (focused on the support treatment in different types of diseases such as vascular problems, diabetes, cholesterol, etc.
- NUTRITION AND DIETETICS UNIT (focused on the support treatment according to objectives: reduce fatty percentages, increase of muscle tone)
- ANTIAGING UNIT (focused on improving the quality of life in a general context according to each patient's needs).
Depending on the departments or units of Clínica Planas, we have developed different highly effective physical programs to help you to achieve and maintain the proposed or reached objectives.

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