Slimming treatment

Less quilos, more quality of life

Slimming treatment

Too much body fat and a sedentary lifestyle may cause medium and long term serious health problems. Through a therapeutic wide range of actions carried out by different professionals, we can cover all the pathological situations as well as their prevention.

In our continuing effort to provide the best care and excellence in our treatments, we want to inform you that we have renewed our Nutrition and Dietetics Service, and created the new "Unit of Nutritional Medicine, Exercise and Antiaging", composed of a multidisciplinary medical team, whose aim is to improve the patients’ health, quality of life and life expectancy.

As a novelty and key difference in the weight loss treatment, we add the Energy Metabolic Study, where we can know in a personalized and scientific way, which is the optimum diet for each individual and what kind of exercise and intensity is the best suitable. Thus, we can prepare the nutrition program and physical activity needed in a totally effective, rigorous and safe way.


The amount of calories needed for each person and the type of immediate principles used (fat, carbohydrates or proteins) is the function of a part of our cells called mitochondria.

Through the energy metabolism study, both at rest and during physical exercise, we can evaluate the ability of mitochondria to produce energy, as well as the kind of food they use (fat, carbohydrates...).

Through the Dr. Ibáñez Metabolic Method is possible to know scientifically, which is the optimal diet for each individual as well as the most suitable type and intensity of exercise for weight loss, cardio-metabolic diseases, ageing (anti aging) and immune system; and therefore to increase the quality of life and life expectancy.

"The metabolic basal study allows us to prescribe an optimal personalized diet"

The metabolic study at rest is the only technology that allows creating the nutrition and physical exercise program needed by each person in a completely safe and rigorous way. This program or treatment is called "mitochondrial metabolic rehabilitation". Its aim is to improve the standard of health, with no side effects, since it is entirely physiological and without pharmacology. Physical exercise is essential as a support.

The metabolic study at rest is the only technology that enables us to know what foods are more fattening and less fattening to each person. The test is carried out in a 3-hours fast. The patient should be face up lying on a stretcher, breathing through a mask, which is connected through a tube to a device (a gas analyzer). This technology is called indirect calorimetry. It calculates the body’s heat, and from where the burned calories come (from proteins fat or carbohydrates).

It is a completely painless and innocuous technique. The patient simply has to be relaxed for 20 minutes approximately and breathe calmly through the mask.

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