Lymphatic surgery

Lymphedemas under control

Lymphatic surgery

The lymphedema is a block of the lymphatic system, which stops functioning in a normal way due to an excess of fluid in the lymphatic vessels. This accumulation of protein in the tissues produces a flow excess, showing a chronic swelling in one or more parts of the body, and causing a feeling of heaviness, as well as a decrease of the patient´s mobility and quality of life. It is often considered that the lymphedema only appears in arms and legs, nevertheless, other parts of the body, such as the genitals, can show it due to different pathologies. Lymphedema microsurgery allows us to solve the lymphedema, a side effect problem that shows in a 20% of the patients who got a mastectomy after a breast cancer, and usually makes the arm swelling. The objective of the lymphedema supramicrosurgery is to move the blocked lymphatic vessels into other subdermic blood vessels so as to get the liquid reduced in the swelling arm. In order to detect the affected lymphatic channels, almost impossible to localize so far, due to their character and microscopic size, Clínica Planas has added an innovative scanner for diagnosis, the PDE Photodinamic Eye, being the first centre in Europe to have this cutting-edge technology available. This technology lets us make a diagnosis and a subsequent treatment at a higher accuracy level.

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