Dr. Sergio Salazar

Dr. Sergio Salazar


Member number of Colegio de Médicos 1.571

Place and date of Birth: Málaga, 19th October 1960

Address: 29620 Torremolinos (Málaga)


Bachelor of Odontology at U.O.D. (Dominican Republic), May 1991

Bachelor Spezial Award for best academic record, 1991

Course of Prosthodontics with Doctor Reynaldo Todescan, July 1990, Dominican Republic

Advanced Course in Prosthodontics, with Doctor Marcos Díaz, September 1990, Dominican Republic

Course of Cosmetic Dentistry, with Doctor Marcos Díaz, April 1991, Dominican Republic

International Symposium in Esthetics, periodontics & prostodontics, June 1991, Madrid

Course "Bonded Porcelain restorative dentistry", with Doctors R. Ibsen, R. Jordan y D. Oullet, October 1991, Madrid

Specialization course in Cosmetic Dentistry, with Doctors R. Ibsen Y D. Oullet, November 1991, Santa Maria, California (USA)

Course "Porcelain veneers. Technical and new applications of adhesive porcelain", with Doctor Rafael Plá, November 1992, Murcia

Course "Dental cosmetic in the 90´s", with Doctor Dunn, March 1993, Madrid

Course "Implantology and oral rehabilitation" with Doctor Eduardo Anitua, from November 2004 to February 2005

Course "Update in Advanced Odontology", with Doctor Rafael Pla, February-April 2005

"Anti-aging" Course "Strategies for detoxification of metals" by Instituto Estudio Sabater-Tobella. Barcelona November 2005