Image Consultancy

Image Consultancy

Clínica Planas provides its patients an image and style consultation aimed to enhace the personal and professional image of each customer. It offers a wide range of services tailored to the needs of each person.

Ms. Andrea Vilallonga heads Clínica Planas´s image consulting unit. Her main target is to advice customers so they can achieve personal and professional success with their new image, always taking into account the customer´s personality.

Wardrobe makeover advice:

Not all clothes and colours suit everybody the same way. The image maker will show you which clothes (cuts, fabrics and colours) and their combinations suit you better and adjust to the image you want to transmit.

Image and hair advice

An appropriate makeup and hair cut can be indispensable when outlining your features.

After a complete study of your face and features, the image maker will recommend you the most suitable makeup for your face, which outlines your qualities, and which hair cut and colour is the most appropriate to have a great image.

Protocol seminar

Our image consulting expert will provide you protocol knowledge that will help you feeling at ease in all situations and will show you small details that always mark the difference.

Expression and communication

What do we transmit with the way we talk, gestures and walking manners? Our image consulting expert will help you to communicate your message in a natural and effective manner.

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