Sports Medicine


The Sports Medicine Unit of Clínica Planas has a multidisciplinary team of specialists: sports medicine, cardiologists, lung specialists, nutritionists and physiotherapists, whose objective is to assess the physical condition of the individuals or athletes, to develop a personalized protocol of activity and a regular follow-up of his/her performance to achieve an overall physical and health improvement. 

Who is it aimed at?

  • High-performance athletes 
  • Nonprofessional-athletes 
  • Anyone interested in controlling and maintaining his/her health 
  • People with a family history, or carriers of any heart or vascular disease 
  • Diabetes Mellitus, etc. 
  • To assess the athlete’s physical condition 
  • Determination of the aptitude for sport: Protocols designed according to age and dedication to sport. 
  • To detect unknown heart problems that might cause disabling diseases and/or sudden death. 
  • To evaluate the adaptation of the cardiovascular system to the training load and prevention of overtraining. 
  • Prevention of the osteotendinous and muscular lesions 
  • To assess, treat and control pre-existing cardiovascular diseases  
  • To detect and control the cardiovascular risk factors 
  • Follow-up of the health and physical conditions 


The protocol and tests to be followed to prepare a personalized program of health and physical conditions are:

  • Preparation of the medical history 
  • General physical examination 
  • Nutritional assessment and anthropometric study (body mass index, body fat percentage, etc.) 
  • Orthopedic physical exam 
  • Clinical analysis 
  • Spirometry 
  • Effort test, with or without gas analysis for determination; max. V02, aerobic-anaerobic metabolism threshold, maximum heart rate 
  • Color Doppler Echocardiography. It provides information on the heart structure in real time in a quick and painless way; it is very useful for detecting any heart abnormality. 

Where is required we have other ways of diagnosis (ambulatory measurement of blood pressure, 24-hour electrocardiography, tilt test, computerized tomography, cardiac magnetic resonance, nuclear medicine, laboratory of electrophysiology, etc.)


  • Sports-cardiology medical examination 
  • Nutritional advice and recommendations on the nutritional supplements or medication (ergogenic aid, no-doping substances) use. 
  • Issue of the medical certificate of fitness sports 

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