Surgery-free ear correction


Earfold is an outpatient treatment which corrects prominent ears or cup ears, as well as asymmetrical ears.

EarFold® is a medical implant which is a short metal strip made with a titanium-nickel alloy. This alloy has been widely used in medicine for many years, for example, in coronary devices known as stents.

The implant consists of a very thin curved strip of metal which is gold plated to reduce its visibility under the skin.

This new advance is going to simplify and make “prominent ear” correction available to everyone as an alternative to otoplasty.

This malformation consists of the disengagement of one or both of the atrial pavilions which results in the ears are too far from the head and pushed towards the sides.

Surgery duration

15 minutes


It is not required


5 days








Very prominent or cup ears which are corrected without surgery via Earfold, a minimally invasive technique which is carried out under local anaesthetic.

The patient will be able to see the results which can be reached using simulators or prefold, devices which are placed on the skin, on the outer parts of the ear which lets you see how the ear’s appearance will be changed and also indicate to the surgeon how to get the results you want. 

The treatment, which lasts around 30 minutes, consists of making a small incision to insert the Earfold implant which changes the cartilage’s shape.


Its an outpatient treatment with no need for hospitalisation

The patient can return to their normal life immediately. 

The Earfold results are completely natural and the implant is completely hidden under the skin. 

The patient regains a facial harmony which will improve their confidence.  

With this tool, the distance between the ear’s outer edge and the side of the head is reduced by up to 37%.

Despite the fact its a permanent result, it can be reversed if needed.


After the treatment, there is no need for bandages and the patient can return to their normal life immediately.


Earfold is a small implant made from completely safe and biocompatible materials which shape the ear’s cartilage.

This treatment is suitable for patients over 7 years old, provided that the ear’s prominence before the mastoid is greater than 2 cm.

Earfold can correct the following aesthetic problems:

  • Prominent or cup ears  
  • Asymmetrical ears 

Earfold is designed for permanent results but can be reversed if needed.

Expert opinion

Dr. Gabriel Planas
Dr. Gabriel Planas

Earfold is the best option for those who want to correct prominent ears and do not want to undergo surgery. The minimally invasive technique consists in introducing a small implant under the skin that will modify the shape of the cartilage.


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