Reduction of the Thyroid Cartilage


One of the most requested surgeries in facial surgery of gender reassignment is the reduction or removal of the Adam’s apple.

The prominence of the thyroid cartilage is a characteristic of the male sex. After a gender reassignment surgery, it is recommended in certain cases to perform this surgery to make it aesthetically similar to that of women.

Surgery duration

1-2 hours


1 night


1 week


Local with sedation or general


1 week



What does it consist of?

The reduction of Adam’s apple or thyroplasty is performed, in most cases, with local anaesthesia plus sedation

The technique consists of making an incision, in the most prominent area of the neck, about 2 or 3 centimetres in length coinciding with a natural wrinkle or crease in the skin; thus the resulting scar is almost invisible. Then, the surgeon carefully reduces the thyroid cartilage so as not to damage the vocal cords.

The Adam’s apple reduction is a type of surgery that can be carried out together with the surgery to increase vocal tone (voice feminization).


During the first consultation the surgeon will study the volume and prominence of the cartilage.

The choice of the type of anaesthesia will depend on the surgeon’s assessment. As in any surgery, the anaesthesiologist evaluation and a preoperative examination are required to detect any possible abnormalities that could contraindicate surgery.


After surgery, the patient may have certain discomfort and swelling the following 48 hours. Your surgeon will advise you on the suitable medication.

During the first few days after surgery, a temporary decrease in the tone of the voice may be noticed.

You can go back to normal activity 3 days after surgery.


Results are visible after surgery, although the definitive results will be seen when swelling disappears.

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