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Human beings count our age chronologically. Every 365 days we become another year older and this continuous cycle provides a clear indicator of how much time has elapsed since our birth. There is also another type of aging, however, which relates to the wear that our body has experienced during our life. This is known as biological aging.
Biological age can vary depending on a person’s lifestyle, so the biological age of a person who is under a great deal of pressure, eats an unbalanced diet, suffers from a lack of sleep and leads a sedentary lifestyle may not correspond to their chronological age. This disparity between chronological age and biological age influences the course of aging and may even vary in the same person from one organ to another.
Clínica Planas´s Anti-aging programme is a medical treatment designed to evaluate a person’s biological age, identify its contributing factors and design a customized treatment plan. The programme aims to restore balance and prevent the onset of disease, slowing the natural aging process and improving our patients’ health and quality of life.

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