Removal of facial fillers

Goodbye to the undesirable facial fillers

Removal of facial fillers

The Eufoton Laser is a diode laser that emits energy with a wavelength of 800 nm and a power range of up to 15 watts through an optical fiber of 200 μl (thinner than an insulin needle). It is used to eliminate the filling products injected in the face; and thus to correct lip augmentation, eyebrows, nasogenian folds (marionette lines) and exaggerated cheekbones.

This is a pioneer technology in Spain with which we intend to be at the cutting-edge of the treatments of correction or overdosing of the different filling products infiltrated into the skin, so as to remove them and get more natural results.

Many of these patients who come to our consultation present exaggerated lips or dense nodules clearly defined in the nasogenian folds or the cheeks, by having been infiltrated with fillers some years before. They do not only complain about their image, but also present physical discomfort to the product, inflammation and even temporary or repeatedly changes in the skin color preventing them from leading regular working and social lives.

The technique consists of placing the fiber through the skin up to the material to be removed. If the material is encapsulated, it is heated by laser, and transformed into a liquid-gel state, and then removed by pressure. This technique was unconceivable a few years ago since the most effective way of eliminating them was through surgery or with huge caliber cannulae. At present, with the Eufoton laser we can remove these filling materials many times in a single session, on an outpatient basis, without using anesthesia. Then, the patient can go back to normal life in case of small granulomas or after 24 h rest at home in case of medium or large ones.