Facial Contouring Surgery


Facial Bone contouring surgery

It is necessary to have a proper facial bone structure so as to have a proper facial proportion and function.

The structure of the facial bones can present alterations that may affect not only the aesthetics of the patient but also its functionality.

Facial bone contouring surgery is indicated in gender reassignment patients and also in those patients who, due to trauma or a previous surgical treatment, wish to improve the structure of the facial bones such as jaw, chin, forehead, cheekbones or the area of the mandibular angles.

Surgery duration

1-2 hours


1 night


1 week


Local with sedation or general


1 week



What does consists of?

Facial bone contouring surgery is a surgery that seeks to correct and harmonize the facial structure by correcting the position of the structures that are not symmetrical, or have a size or shape that is not in harmony with the rest of the facial structure; or the gender of the patient.

Among surgeries of the facial bone contouring are: the surgery of reshaping the forehead, the cheekbones surgery, the orbital edge or the mentoplasty, which purpose is to correct asymmetric chins or an excess or defect in the facial projection.

Likewise, any asymmetry in the shape and size of the jaw is treated in a personalized way through maxillofacial surgery. One of the most outstanding surgeries is the mandibular reshaping to correct the shape and loss of definition of the mandibular angles. Reshaping is carried out by placing hydroxyapatite, a type of material that is attached to the bone and increases its volume; however, we can also use personalized facial implants.

For this type of surgery, the usual admission time is less than 24 hours and is performed under sedation or general anaesthesia, depending on the type of surgery and on each particular case.


For a correct diagnosis, it is essential to have an initial assessment made by the maxillofacial surgeon of Clínica Planas.

A specific TAC shall be carried out depending on the purpose of the consultation.

As in any surgery, an evaluation made by an anaesthesiologist and a preoperative examination are required so as to detect any possible anomaly that could contraindicate surgery.


As a general rule, this type of surgery has a very good recovery, and the results of the correction are immediate.


Facial skeleton surgery allows personalized correction, in a single surgical procedure, of those problems related to the structure of the face or the shape of the bones of the forehead, orbits, chin and maxillary and mandibular area.

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