Feminizing Lifting


Facelift surgery and adipose tissue grafts are performed so as to obtain a more feminine face. Its scope includes from the anti-aging surgery up to the gender reassignment surgery.

This surgery consists of improving the features of the lower third of the face, chin, neck and jaw line; as well as improving the projection of the middle third and cheekbones through the lipofilling technique of adipose tissue.

This surgical technique can be combined with other facial surgery procedures such as blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty or cheek implants.

The Maxillofacial Surgery Unit of Clinica Planas performs a Personalized Facial Study and 3D Virtual Analysis, which allows us to diagnose and plan the best treatment for each patient of facial feminization surgery.

Fat tissue for facial lipofilling can be obtained from different donor areas according to the specific characteristics of each patient. Through a centrifugation process of adipose tissue, the adipose and pluripotent cells are collected so as to be subsequently infiltrated in the areas that require them by improving the projection, texture and firmness of the face.

Surgery duration

From 2 to 4 hours


1 night – 24 hours


1 week




1 week




It is necessary that the team of specialists of Clinica Planas study each case in order to offer a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan.

As in any surgery, a preoperative examination of the patient is required to detect any possible abnormality that could contraindicate surgery.


After undergoing surgery, a compressive garment will be required to wear in order to help reabsorption of the oedema generated after surgery.

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