Aviation Medicine


Clínica Planas´s aviation medicine unit provides pilots and flight attendants an exclusive place in Barcelona to pass the official aeronautical medical tests. 

This new unit counts with a multidisciplinary and very specialized team, which is exclusively dedicated to conduct these medical checkups. They also have at their disposal the newest state-of-the-art technology for diagnoses of any disease or lesion. Moreover, Clínica Planas´s services and equipments also allow professionals to undergo all tests in the same centre the very same day.

This unit counts with accredited doctors by the Spanish Ministry of Public Works and the Spanish Agency for Air Security to do the following medical check ups:


For commercial pilots


For private pilots of planes, ultralight aircrafts, balloons, gliders...

Initial and general tests for flight attendants


Air Traffic Controller

Expert opinion

Dra. Olga Mas

Dra. Olga Mas

Aviation Medicine, in its Aeronautical-Medical Examinations specialty, includes the necessary and compulsory medical tests by the AESA, to obtain or renew the Licenses of Commercial Pilots for Planes and Helicopters, Private and Sport pilots, Drone Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers. At Clinica Planas we perform all the tests under the AESA authorization. 


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