Gastric Balloon


Clínica Planas´s Nutrition and Dietetics Unit offers a comprehensive range of treatments for obesity, including intragastric balloon. This treatment helps patients who are significantly overweight and have been unable to lose weight with conventional diets, to do so with the assistance of an intra-gastric balloon. 

Duration of treatment: one year (six months with balloon plus six months of monitoring and surveillance).

Weekly monitoring and control by a nutritionist and psychotherapy support.

24-hours hospitalisation is required in order to ensure the security, comfort, care and post-operative monitoring of the patient.

What is an intragastric Balloon?

The intragastric balloon is a soft silicone balloon, which is inserted in the stomach and left in place for approximately six months. It is filled with blue physiological serum and partially occupies the stomach space, triggering a non-stop feeling of satiety. Patients feel satiated more quickly after meals, helping them to eat differently, lose weight and change their lifestyle.

Although the weight loss will be significant during the first six months, the adoption of new nutritional habits and physical exercise are the key to guaranteeing on-going success and can significantly improve the results.

This treatment is suitable for people with moderate obesity, who have tried to lose weight unsuccessfully with conventional diets and need more help than that provided by pharmaceutical therapy or a diet advisor.

The specialist will evaluate each case individually to check that there are no contraindications to carrying out this treatment, however patients must fulfil these basic criteria:

To be 18 years old

To be obese with a body mass index of over 30

To be willing to follow a professional program under medical supervision

Surgery duration

1 hour


2 days


48-72 hours








The folded soft silicone balloon is inserted through the mouth into the stomach using a visual control endoscope. Once inserted, it is unfolded and filled with a serum to the appropriate volume, which varies according to each individual case. During this procedure the patient will be sedated. Six months later, the patient will undergo the extraction process, which is very similar. The endoscope is inserted in the mouth as far as the stomach. First the serum is extracted and then the balloon follows. The procedures last between 15 and 20 minutes. At Clínica Planas, 24-hours´ hospitalisation is required in order to ensure the security, comfort, care and post-operative monitoring of the patient.

How much weight I can lose?

Patients with an intragastric balloon achieve significant weight loss during the first six months. How long this loss is maintained is determined by their changes in dietary habits, physical exercise and monitoring.

It is a comprehensive treatment, supported by psychoterapy and medical monitoring during the whole treatment.

Monitoring by specialists is vital for the treatment´s success and to ensure that new habits are learnt. Your nutritionist doctor and other professionals play a key role in your treatment, evaluating your needs and creating a personalised programme. From the first week, you will have a defined programme of medical consultations, during which you will learn the necessary rules for control your weight and improving your long-term health.

100% safety system for balloon placement

A new system developed by Clínica Planas enables the fast and safe placement of endogastric balloons.

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