Senology and Breast Pathology

The most important thing is the woman´s health.

Senology and Breast Pathology

Clínica Planas´s senology concept embraces the comprehensive study of the normal and pathological breast, based on the need to include all related specialties and to obtain a specific formation to solve the more and more frequent problems related with the breast.

The treatment of breast pathologies needs a global and multidisciplinary approach. Thus, besides an expert team of plastic surgeons, breast surgeons, radiologists, pathologist specialized on senology, the unit counts with specialists on psycho oncology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and physical medicine and genetic advice.

The targets of the Senology Unit are:

- Control of healthy women for early detection.
- Pre-operative study of patients who have undergone breast surgery for aesthetic or reparative aims.
- Diagnose and treatment of benign pathology.
- Diagnose of breast cancer through the technique of microbiopsy guided by stereotaxy.
- Breast surgery guided by ultrasound scan. The ultrasound scan during surgery allow surgeon to locate the nonpalpable lesion via the ultrasound image and remove it at the same time.
- Breast cancer treatment with a multidisciplinary approach and with special emphasis on the application of Plastic surgery techniques (oncoplastic surgery, reconstruction).
- Monitoring of women with high risk, women who underwent aesthetical surgery and those treated by breast cancer.

Summing-up, the secret is to add efforts and knowledge to multiply results. This idea created Clínica Planas´s new unit of joint surgery, based on a new working procedure, which is multidisciplinary and collaborative among a team of the best specialists of each specialty.

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