Calf Augmentation

Beautiful calves

Calf Augmentation

In spite of the aesthetic importance of legs, at times insufficient attention is paid to one of their crucial parts, namely the calves. Lack of development creates an effect that can spoil the figure. and accentuate other defects by comparison, such as the thickness of the thighs or hips. The most effective remedy is to insert an implant, giving the calves the volume and shape the patient wishes. Sometimes the problem affects only one leg, due to an injury or poliomyelitis, making the complaint even more obvious.


The operation lasts approximately one hour. The procedure consists of making an incision close to the back fold of the knee, placing an implant that is specific for the zone and adapted to the requirements of each patient.

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Dr. Jorge Planas explains the results

From the aesthetic point of view, calf implants have very good results, both in women and men. A well shapely calf enhances the leg and thigh contour. Legs are usually the support of a good body shape. Thus, the implant provides a better proportion of the lower limb.

Dr. Jorge Planas

Dr. Artur Carbonell explains the results

Calf augmentation results are very satisfactory for their naturalness. An implant allows correcting its lack of development, achieving harmonious and proportionate legs.

Dr. Artur Carbonell